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Far Cry 5 seems to take a leap of faith that could upset some people

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So, we know Far Cry 5 is most definitely not set in the Wild West but rather takes us to America, Montana to face the insanity of a religious cult. Ubisoft even went so far as to tweet, "Join us for a last supper." Their last supper is, of course, the Far Cry 5 worldwide reveal that takes place tomorrow. The teaser trailers released earlier this week further enforces the religious setting.

The image is shockingly controversial and boldly takes the franchise in a whole new direction. Previous games in the series had players taking on monsters, and a few fanatics with their followers - but Far Cry 5 seems to take a leap of faith that could upset a lot of people. Let's take a look at what information we can harvest from the key art and video teasers.


Far Cry 5 - Welcome to Ubisoft's last supper

  • If the key art follows the same precedent as previous Far Cry reveals, then we're looking at the protagonist of Far Cry 5.
  • The art is based on Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" one of the most famous religious paintings ever created.
  • da Vinci's painting depicts the moment when Jesus told his disciples that someone would betray him.
  • Christianity isn't the only religion reflected in the art; the church flag shows a symbol that looks a lot like the official Scientology icon.
  • Sitting on the floor on the left side we see a white male, bound, with the word "Sinner" branded on his back.
  • The "sinner" could either be the protagonist, or just a deserter of the faith.
  • Some of the people in the image look like they are beseeching the man portraying Jesus, who is standing over the open "bible."
  • In front of the Jesus figure, we see two more Christian symbols, those of the Holy Sacrament - bread and wine.
  • On the American flag draped over the table.
  • We see mostly white males in the image, with one white female looking like she's dressed for a celebration or wedding.
  • The people in the image resemble what looks like a Hillbilly from Montana.
  • We see some dog or wolf in the image that is bound with a chain to one of the men, who also has some dog tags around a chain on his neck.
  • The video teasers welcome you to "Hope Country Montana."
  • We hear a congregation singing "Amazing Grace" while someone is ringing the church bell with a human head.

Sinner & Saint

Far Cry 5 religeous symbols.jpg

If my assumptions are correct, then Far Cry 5 will throw the player into the insanity of an American, militant, Christian cult. Maybe the player is the "sinner," and you turn against the cult. I can't imagine that the image could actually portray the protagonist side, that would be taking things too far, right? Players will have to be the "good guy" taking a stand against the madness we see in the image.

Allow me to stir some of that controversy. In the key art, we see two typical "Christian" beliefs - that of a sinner and that of the "righteous." Sitting at the table we have those judging the man sitting with his head bowed on the floor as a sinner. Who decides what is a sin, and what gives "Christians" the right to judge certain behaviour as sin? The response would be, of course, the Holy Bible - which the open book on the table signifies. Also notice that the dog looks at the sinner, and one can assume that they were hunting him.

The spirit of the key art amplifies that of religious superiority over the subdued - by any means possible - in this case, clearly violence. The open book on the table with the Jesus figure shouts the message of authority over others through 'Christian' religion. Ubisoft is opening Pandora's Box here, and I can't wait to see more.

In summary, Far Cry 5's key art shows a blend of religion, violence, and politics, a concoction that screams controversy if I've ever seen one. That being said, I enjoy it when video games take on holy cows. Gaming is, after all, a form of art, and art sometimes becomes a mirror of the human psyche. Playing a video game is interactive art, which makes it all the more immersive.

How will players feel about possibly hunting down a Christian cult? When humans are fodder and not say monsters or Zombies? Yes, it's not new in games to shoot humans, but Far Cry 5 could border on the uncanny valley a bit too much as it mocks real life stereotypes. Christians could object to the unholy depiction of Christ and their religion, Americans to the derogatory portrayal of the Appalachian people. There's also a possible animal offence, and the usual straight, white male theme.

What say you, bring it, or is Ubisoft taking things a bit too far? More will be revealed on Friday, 26 May 2017 at 15:00 South African time.

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"a blend of religion, violence, and politics, a concoction that screams controversy"

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