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No dedicated servers for Destiny 2 on PC

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There will be no dedicated servers for the PC version of Destiny 2. While this comes as no surprise to me at all, mainly because I played the original on PS4, some PC gamers feel a bit let down given that most PC games release with the service, while console gamers are pretty much used to not having the feature available at all. Yesterday we announced that the PC version of the game will not launch at the same time as the console the version, as Bungie needs more time to perfect the recipe. This news of no dedicated servers was expected as the original game used peer-to-peer networking for multiplayer modes. Bungie announced the news in an interview with IGN

Even though we lived for three years with this feature, it was not always up to scratch given that data was transmitted to each player individually and this could result in latency depending on the connection of each player. We do know that PC gamers have been used to dedicated servers for their games, and while announcement it not good news, console gamers, like myself, feel even worse about it, as it has denied one of the most requested features we petitioned for even in the original game.

The original was not perfect at all, and the multiplayer features suffered greatly with issues, especially when it came to raids and the host of the raid had a poor internet connection, or worse, was a player located overseas. All we can hope for is that Bungie perfects their net code and we can sort of live with the game's current way of handling multiplayer. at least PC gamers will be able to benefit from the 4K and 144 FPS frame rate. In case you missed what Destiny 2 is all about, take a look at our gameplay analysis below. Destiny 2 is due for release on 8 September for PS4, and Xbox One, with the PC version without a release date as of now. 

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