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Ubisoft confirms Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2

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It's official, Ubisoft, is working on Far Cry 5. Earlier this month, rumours surfaced which pointed to a Western setting for the next Far Cry game, and Ubisoft confirmed the game via the official Far Cry Twitter account and forum.

"Are you ready for a hefty dose of new Far Cry adventures? Subscribe on YouTube to be the first to get more updates," Ubisoft tweeted last night. You can also follow the news on the official Far Cry 5 forum.

The previous game, Far Cry: Primal, was set in the stone age, and although we enjoyed the game, it didn't match the experience of say Far Cry 4, but felt more like an "intermediate" than a full Far Cry experience. "Far Cry Primal is a strange beast. It delivers the Far Cry experience with confidence, with little that radically pulls the franchise forward. It operates on the same engine that ran the wonderful Far Cry 4, yet isn't as large, " explained the reviewer.

It seems Wild West-themed games are the next big thing, and I am very keen to climb into the boots of a cowboy, but I wonder how it will compete against Red Dead Redemption 2. Then there's also Wild West Online, the upcoming PC exclusive. Perhaps gamers have had enough of futurist type games, and taking us to the Wild West is just what the market demands.

Far Cry 5 isn't the only blockbuster Ubisoft is working on; the company will also release the next Assassin's Creed game, there's South Park: The Fractured But Whole, as well as The Crew 2, and another, unconfirmed title (the Watch_Dogs 2 Easter egg tease). Ubisoft confirmed The Crew 2 during their earnings release, followed by a forum post teaser, “Beyond the road... Stay with us for more high octane thrills!”

Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 will both only release next year, but we'll probably see more details about all Ubisoft's upcoming games at E3. "Save the date! goes live from the Orpheum Theatre on June 12th at 1pm PT. Stay tuned for the latest," announced Ubisoft via Twitter.

News via Polygon

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