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Everything we got up to at Geekfest 2017

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This past weekend, marked one of our favourite gaming and geek expos of the year, Geekfest 2017. With a 9-degree weather forecast, and rain throughout the event, it was not easy to be there, trust me, I was freezing and wet, but in the end, I could not help but love the "Geekfest" vibe that gets better and better every year.

The expo took place at Monte Casino in Johannesburg this year, and you could not go wrong with the venue. Last year's venue was a disaster in my eyes as it was small, the parking situation needed a 4x4, and it was pretty far out of Joburg. Monte Casino provides secure "paved" parking and a great venue for the event, as well as after activities. I hope the organisers keep the event there from now on. 

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As usual, there was a great focus on local stores, from homemade plushies to everyone's favourite Dark Carnival store. I spent too much money obviously, as I really wanted Cards Against Humanity, and found it at one of the board game stores. I also really wanted a Gengar onesie, but for R850 I could make my own. The food was everywhere with the classic tray of doughnuts a must buy for all, and the burger places were packed. What is a trip to Geekfest without a dozen samosas and a tray of chocolate covered mini doughnuts - am I right? 

Walking around Geekfest is always exciting as the local community put on a great cosplay show. From Nathan Drake to Geralt from The Witcher, it was all just a superb show of great craftsmanship and passion. Every new outfit I saw was better than the last, and I just wanted to snap pictures with everyone around me.

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But it was more than just the cosplay that made Geekfest; it was the South African geeks coming out in the rain to support their favourite geek lifestyle needs. Jedi fights, medieval swordplay, and even a strange jousting showdown between two teams. It was just one giant nerdgasm, and I loved every moment of it. Geekfest is just getting bigger and better every year, and it proves how much love and passion we as South Africans have for the industry.

The most shocking thing I saw all weekend, was a guy who was cosplaying as Monkey D.Luffy from One Piece. He walked around the venue, which was outside by the way, in flip flops and a open T-shirt. That guy is probably sick in bed today, but you did well! 

Take a look at a video montage of the event below.

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"one giant nerdgasm, and I loved every moment of it"

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