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GamesTrader: A new dedicated platform to buy and sell second hand games in SA


We all know the struggle of today. We buy a game for R1000, and when we are done with them we trade them into local retailers for a fraction of the cost. Some retailers giving us just under R200 for a new release. Well, that is where GamesTrader is trying to change things as the new platform lets users post their games, and sell them to other gamers in SA.

The process seems easy enough as you create an account, start listing your games and how much you want for them, or simply search for games you want to buy. When you get an offer from someone who is interested in buying one of your games, then you will get a notification and a private message from them. You then arrange the details to get the game to the buyer, be it meeting them in person, or shipping it to them. You can also browse all the available titles at your leisure and search for the one you are looking for. 

Adding a listing, receiving an offer, and making a buy offer is pretty simple as shown in the three videos below:

Adding a listing

Receiving a buy offer

Making a buy offer

Speaking to Danie Barnard, founder of GamesTrader, he discussed how the process works, and how well it has been received since launch.

"What users can expect is to find good deals and a platform that is designed to help them and not to make money the service is free and it has been well received. I am being bombarded with feedback from users which is a good sign I know Rome was not built in a day and I want to implement more features to help gamers sell their games or trade and look out for them. We all know in our country there is a lot of scammers and we will do everything in our power to make sure our users has a good experience."

Remember to always check the online marketplaces and retailers before making an offer on the site. No matter how great GamesTrader sounds, you might still find a specific game cheaper elsewhere if you are buying. If you are selling, do the same as no one will buy your copy of The Evil Within for R500 when the game retails brand new for R300. 

You can find more information about GamesTrader on their Facebook page, or contact them at

MWEB GameZone is not part of GamesTrader in any way, and the service is used at your own discretion. We are no held liable for any failed sales or losses due to the use of the site.

Have you used GamesTrader or planning on doing so? Let us know in the comments below. 

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