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God of War set for September 2017 release according to retailer


If there is one thing that we have all be hyped for, it is the latest God of War release, oh and the PS5 that is apparently releasing next year sometime. Although we have only seen one trailer of the game, it looks fantastic. The new direction, or reboot as some might say, seems to be a fresh start for the series. While we have only seen one trailer released back in 2016, the game is apparently set for a 2017 release. 

Now take this with a pinch of salt, as game of this size, which was just only announced a few months ago, often has quite a long development cycle, and I still truly believe that we will not play the new God of War until early 2018. Saying that however,, a Portuguese retailer has listed the game for a 14 September 2017 release date. Pretty close right? While this could just be a mistake, September is a good month for releases, and we often get some pretty big titles released around that time. 

The retailer still not pulled the listing down, so we grabbed the boxart listed there too, and a screenshot of the listing as proof. 

God of War 4.png

God of War 4 Boxart.jpg

Right now we have the crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to look forward to, Farpoint, and a few more first party games, but other than that Sony have exhausted their first party lineup in 2017 already with some of the best games hitting the console in the first few months. Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, and more have graced the platform, so if Sony aims to dominate the Q4 release schedule, then this September release date could be on point. 

While I still think that we will have to wait until at least March 2018 to play the new God of War, the thought of it releasing in September does make me warm and happy inside. Do you think we will be playing the game in 2017? Let us know in the comments below. 

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