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Analyst who predicted PS4, PS4 Pro says Sony will release PlayStation 5 in 2018


Just when we thought we had our financial affairs in order, someone has to go tell us that next year we could be spending more money on gaming, and this time on a new PlayStation console specifically. Damian Thong, the man who predicted both the PS4 and PS4 Pro release, says that Sony will announce and launch the successor to the PS4 in 2018. 

While this is a long shot, 2018 will mark the PS4's fifth year in the market, and the PS4 Pro's second year. With this prediction also comes some truth to the matter. Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio is releasing at the end of 2017, which would in turn force Sony to up their game and release something even more powerful, the next generation of hardware. If we look back at the PS3, it was in the market for six years before Sony announced the PS4, and this time things have been a little different with the console generation moving so fast into 4K and HDR technology. 

The demand for more powerful tech is greater than ever, which could, in turn, see the gap between consoles diminish slightly, forcing Sony to move onto greater things sooner than expected. Thong predicts that Sony could even be doing a PS5 reveal at this year's E3 press conference which takes place in early June. If this is the case, users could opt to wait it out until next generation rather than going for Microsoft's current gen upgrade of the Xbox One. 

It all makes sense in theory that Sony would make a move sooner rather than later, but is it all too soon? If the PS5 is indeed in development and scheduled for a 2018 release, it would throw the console cycle pattern we have known for decades out of context, and leave a gap between Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony, as they would all have different generations of hardware on the market at the same time.

We will have to wait and see what goes down at E3 2017, but for now, let us know if you would be ready to move into the next generation of console hardware in the comments section below. 

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