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Prove you are SA's biggest Blizzard fan and win the ultimate hamper *competition closed*

WIn epic Blizzard hamper.jpg

Have you ever looked at something and had the feeling that you will never get it? Well right now the MWEB team are in deep FOMO as we have the most epic Blizzard bundle we have ever had in our hands, and we have to give it away. Yes, Wessel has already tried to sweet talk me into giving him that World of Warcraft plushie.

We all love Blizzard. The studio has been a leader in game development since the dawn of time, and we all grew up playing games like Diablo II, Starcraft, and of course Lost Vikings. I cannot think of one Blizzard game that does not stand the test of time and provide pure excitement and passion throughout the experience. Games like Diablo III and Overwatch are still as popular as ever, with Seasons and even new characters providing more content to the game, extending its replayability beyond the typical playthrough. Everything Blizzard does, they do with love, and in return the have grown one of the biggest, if not the biggest fan base in the gaming industry. 

Now, how much do you love Blizzard? This is the question we are asking you, and if you can show us enough love, you will walk away with the best hamper we have given away at MWEB, ever. Before we get to the technical side of things, take a look at what is inside the hamper.

Competition Template.jpg

  • Branded blizzard carrier bag
  • Blizzard iPhone 5 cover
  • Hearthstone Silicone iPad Air Case
  • Streets of Warcraft book
  • Overwatch wristband
  • World of Warcraft Pandaren Plush
  • Pop! Games: Diablo - Tyrael Figurine
  • Blizzcon Lich King Inflatable Frostmourne Sword
  • Diablo III Rainbow t-shirt
  • Overwatch Recruit Kit (Press Kit)
  • Starcraft plushie
Note that all of these above items are collectibles, and chances of you walking into a store and buying them are pretty slim. 

Entry Requirements:

Show us your love for Blizzard in one photo using the hashtag #ILoveBlizzardZA

  • Follow/like Megarom on the platform of entry
  • Follow/like MWEB GameZone on the platform of entry
  • Use the hashtag #ILoveBlizzardZA, and tag us in the tweet, Instagram, or Facebook post

Examples: A photo of your gaming rig with a cool Blizzard-related wallpaper set, your maxed out character in WoW, or even a photo of you copying your favourite Overwatch heroes' pose. It is a prize we don't want to let go of, so best bring your most creative photos. The competition begins on 24 April 2017 and ends on 12 May 2017

All entries are subject to our Terms and Conditions. We will be tracking the hashtag across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will sit and sort through all the most creative entries after the competition closes, and choose South Africa's biggest Blizzard fan. The winner will then walk away with the best Blizzard loot, as well as the title "South Africa's biggest Blizzard fan".

Important social media links

MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Megarom Games: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Good luck to everyone. 

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