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Win One of Three 12-month PlayStation Plus vouchers *competition closed*

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All PlayStation owners know how pricey it can be to keep up to date with PlayStation Plus. For R99 a month, or R749 a year, things can get expensive in the long run. However, the service does have its perks, which we sometimes take for granted. Online services, free monthly games, and let us not forget that cloud storage that lets us instantly upload our saves just in case a global flood happens and we lose our PS4 console in the process. 


Congrats to Lyle Arends, Ryan Quevauvilliers and Paul-John Kleinsmidt. They all one a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership. 

Over the past few weeks especially, the PlayStation Store has offered quite the discount to PS+ subscribers for pre-orders. Games like Yooka-Laylee, Wonder Boy, and more, had at least a 20 percent off only for PlayStation Plus users. If you were looking to buy these games, then you could save some cash only if you are a PS+ subscriber. That is just another benefit of being a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Now I know most of you already have PlayStation Plus, but what if I told you that your next annual subscription could be on us? 

Yes, PlayStation South Africa has given us three 12-month PlayStation Plus vouchers to giveaway to our loyal readers. What this means is that you will save R1200 a year if you are a month-to-month subscriber, as well get all your free games and cloud storage for free. Lucky you right! There is a catch however, you need to earn it because nothing in life is free. 

Entry Requirements

In order to stand a chance of winning one of these vouchers, you will need to answer one simple question. If you had the power to decide what games PlayStation Plus subscribers got for free as part of the Instant Games Collection next month, what games would you choose and why?

The people who motivate us enough to want those games for free will be chosen as our winners. Entries are subject to our Terms and Conditions, and a panel of judges will sit and fight over who they think deserves it enough. Entries close on 8 May 2017, so leave your ideas in the comments below.

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