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Quake Champions' closed beta kicks off soon - Celebrate with raw gameplay footage

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Quake Champions, developed by id Software and published by Bethesda, should give any fan of old-school arena shooters nerd chills. A few lucky players who signed up for the closed beta will be picked to participate. The closed beta kicks off on 6 April (no specific time was given) with the first wave of invitees, but you will have to be extremely lucky to get in.

id Software's Creative Director Tim Willits mentioned to IGN recently that it will only be a “small group of people” and continued by explaining that more people will be invited after the first wave as they roll out more servers. No, we don’t have any word on local servers yet.

I am a firm believer that Quake Champions will take the franchise to the next level and stay true to the heart of Quake, even though I did have some concerns when the game was first revealed. The latest gameplay footage reaffirmed my beliefs and I think it will for many other old-school players as well. At the end of this article, you can view the raw gameplay footage.

No cinematics, weird camera angles or anything like that, just pure Quake, and it looks absolutely fantastic. You get to see ZeRo4 playing with Anarki in team deathmatch, and right from the start, it is clear that this is Quake, not some hybrid shooter. Yes, I said ZeRo4, as in the legendary John “ZeRo4” Hill, who became id Software’s esports manager earlier this year. Mr. Hill is considered one of the best Quake players ever and is third highest earnings of all time.

The raw gameplay footage is truly Quake at its finest, showing off strafe-jumping and of course, some insane rocket shots followed up by a rail shot. Quad Damage spawns, map control and fast-paced combat are shown in all their glory and everything about the game just screams quality.

What makes this video really stands out is that it shows exactly how you will be playing the game, and doesn’t have any type of fluff to it. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for some Quake, then I don’t know if anything will!

Watch the raw gameplay footage discussed in this article below and then tell us if you’ve signed up for the closed beta yet in the comment section.

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