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Amazing PS4 game combos now on sale

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If there is one thing South African gamers should always take the time to read then it's sales and deals articles. Because SA gaming prices. Mr. Coco already presented our readers with "Payday gaming deals to take advantage of" but if you've some cash left, then you should consider buying any of the combo deals listed below.

The EU/SA PlayStation Store "Totally Digital" sale oggers a "buy one get one free" option. Here's our top five PS4 combo selection you cannot afford to miss. The deals expire in two days on April 6, so grab it right now!

1. Virginia & Dear Esther Landmark Edition

  • Total Cost for both games: R159/ €7.99

Virginia is one of the best games I've ever played. It's at the same time difficult and easy to define the game. Difficult because not a single word was spoken in the game, easy because a thousand things were said. Virginia is about a place both wonderful and strange. It's a game about the inexplicable, the absurd, and the mundane. It's one of the most beautiful and unusual games I've ever played and I wish to share that experience with you.

Virginia's mystery draws you like the call of a siren; you know that dreadful things await you, but you can't resist its pull. It was developed by Variable State and distributed by 505 Games, and was one of the biggest surprises of 2016.

Dear Esther is another remarkable game. Playing it felt like walking inside an enchanted painting. Using the word "playing" feels wrong though, because you don't "play" Dear Esther, you allow the story to unfold.The game comes alive by the player allowing it to tell its story. There are no clear goals; no enemies, no tasks, you don’t even have a weapon. You cannot jump, run or interact with your environment. Instead, you wander around, you explore, you discover, you listen, and you feel. 

Dear Esther was my shrine of sorrow, my tribute to the most previous things I've ever lost, and a tribute to games as art. It is a must play. The Dear Esther Landmark Edition features even better graphics than the older PC version I played.

More PS4 Combos On Sale

The remaining top four combos are not as epic as the one listed above, but it's still great games. Again, all the game combos listed below will cost you R159 / €7.99 or R129 / €6.49 for both games. It's a steal, and you have to bag it today before time runs out.

  • Grow Up & Armikrog
  • Grow Home & Thomas Was Alone
  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia & Assassin's Creed India
  • Fez & Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut

You can check out the complete list of games on the Totally Digital Sale here. Please note - we've given you our top five combo selection - but you can make your own from all the titles listed.

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