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PS4 Pro gets 4K Media Player support

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While the PS4 Pro is an awesome 4K gaming console, it lacks the 4K video support due to the missing UHD Blu-Ray drive. Well, if digital 4K video is your thing, then the update headed to the Media Player tomorrow, will make you very happy. 

According to the PlayStation Blog, new functionality will be added to the Media Player app tomorrow to allow 4K video playback on the PS4 Pro. This means you will be able to put your 4K videos on your USB stick or have them on your home server, and stream them to your console, or play them directly from the storage media. You will need a 4K TV to see these videos obviously, and a PS4 Pro. 

If you own a PS VR system, then there is even better news, the Media Player app will also be updated to support 4K VR content playback. While the VR's display is only 1920x1080, Sony states that watching a 4K video on the headset will deliver higher image quality over HD video. Sony mentions that the new external HDD support for the PS4 and PS4 Pro does not mean you can use that external storage to copy videos to. You will need a new USB storage device that has not been used to store your PS4 games on yet. 

With the lack of a UHD Blu-Ra drive, this could mean that users will finally be able to watch 4K films and media on the PS4 Pro, and take full advantage of it being able to output the higher resolution content. Saying that however, there are already streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube that support 4K streaming on the PS4 Pro, so this is will yet another great addition. 

Will this be something you might be interested in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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