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How my Mass Effect: Andromeda journey ended before it began

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All I wanted was to play Mass Effect: Andromeda.

I completed every Andromeda Initiative training mission, I watched the entire gameplay series, every trailer, and covered all the news I could find about the game, and about being a Pathfinder. I subscribed to Origin Access so I could start this most epic adventure the moment it opened. I even ordered a new graphics card so I could play it on recommended PC settings.

You see, I am a real Mass Effect fan. I deliberately use that silly word "real" because you do. I've seen so many comments across various gaming websites where readers say they want feedback about a game from a real gamer. As if writers are somehow something "other." You forget that we are also gamers; fans of specific franchises, and that we love playing video games - it's why we do what we do. I've bought and played every Mass Effect game. I've played them all twice (and some more than that), with one femshep. I've cried, I've fallen in love, I've regretted decisions - I have lived in Mass Effect.

I was upset about Mass Effect's 3's ending, but it didn't taint my overall experience of the game or series. The sum of the parts gave me the most extraordinary times I have ever experienced in a digital world. I gave our readers a glimpse into this magical world in my piece Mass Effect games and the ties that bind. My excitement to finally start a new journey in Andromeda is something only a "real" fan will understand.

I subscribed to Origin Access not try the free trial, so I could make up my mind about buying the game - it was a given that I would. I just wanted early access. When news broke about the bad early impressions, it all started to change, and playing the trial became a necessity. There is a difference between a game not meeting hype - and a game that misses that which has made it great. For Mass Effect, those things include storytelling, believable characters, and giving meaning to the journey. Almost every preview mentioned a failure on all those vital points.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I was still hoping that full reviews would paint a different picture. That being said, what we cannot excuse is when developers deliver a game that is plagued by odd glitches and technical issues. I had to see it for myself.

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My free trial ends in less than ten hours, and I've yet to launch the game. My Andromeda trial has been on the "playable" stage for over a day, yet it refuses to launch. When I open Origin, I get a message that Mass Effect: andromeda trial is waiting for me, but alas, when I click on the Play button it goes to sync and bombs out. I've worked through the troubleshoot list, I've contacted EA, I've done everything a Pathfinder should - but the way is shut.

My Mass Effect: Andromeda journey failed before it began. I cannot judge the game for myself as Origin Access' free trial isn't working. A service I praised in the past - until I had to use it. I eventually received feedback from EA Help about my issue.

"EA Help‏: @HanCilliers Thanks for the update have you pre-ordered the game? -Jax"

Marco's Experience

Although I have been playing the game on PS4 since Monday, I signed up for EA Access to test out the trial and see if Han was the only one affected by this issue. I have to say I was able to launch the game without any issue at all. I loaded in, created my character, and played for 30-minutes before I realized I was just doing the same thing I did days before on PS4. It is unfortunate that Han suffered from this issue as she is a huge fan of the series. I have to say I am around 25 hours into the game now, and it is so much better than I thought. I will have a full review up soon on the game that will hopefully sway Han in the right direction again, and bring her towards the Mass Effect light. 

Did you manage to play the EA Access trial before release? Let us know in the comments below. 

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