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Dissecting the Nintendo Switch

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I have spent the weekend with the Nintendo Switch, this being the most time I have had with the console since the hands on session a few weeks ago. The more I use it, the more I love it, and the more I explore the Kingdom of Hyrule with Link, the more I believe that Nintendo have a jewel in their midst. What makes the Nintendo Switch simply amazing, is the hardware, and like I said before, it infects you like a bad flu, and there is nothing you can do about it. Now that I unboxed it, take a look at some of the hits and misses of the hardware inside the box.

The biggest feature of the Switch is the versatility of the hardware, and the console is no doubt the Wii U we never got. Without it being tethered to your TV, you can take it anywhere. There are three different ways to use the Switch, one being on your TV with the Joy-Con either plugged into the controller dock or lose in your hands. Two is the portable mode that is like Nintendo's new handheld, and three is the kickstand way. This last method is by far my least favorite out of them all, as it means that the screen will have to be propped up in front of you on a table or a counter, and you use it like a mini TV. My question here is why would I use this method when I can just slide the Joy-Con onto the screen itself, and have the entire device in my hands, closer to my eyes too? 

Maybe I just need to give it more time before I rule that mode of play out of my life. But it is the Joy-Cons that make the Switch something so unique. With their haptic feedback, and great motion features, they are this generation's Wii Motion Controllers, but even better. Sliding them onto the Switch's screen feels great, and as they slide down they make a small click. If the device is on when you do that, it makes the snap sound we have heard in the trailers. 

1-2-Switch has some pretty cool mini games that make use of the Joy-Con, and it was not until after I played all of these that I realized just how awesome these little devices are. Rolling balls around in a box to guess how many were inside, is only possible on this controller, and staring down your friend before shooting them in a duel, is all about motion support, built into the small devices. 

In the short video below, take a look as I dissect the hardware, and show you just how the Joy-Cons and the Switch's screen work in perfect harmony.

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