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Mass Effect Andromeda: Weapons, Skills and Combat

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Bioware released the first video in the Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay series. It focuses on combat and skills, and as you'll see, it's a big step away from previous games in the series.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Movement

Movement in Andromeda is focused on "Fluid, fast-paced, third-person combat." The new jump jet adds movement fluidity that we've not had in previous Mass Effect games. The player can hover during any stage while in combat and move in a wide variety of directions. The new movement system also allows the player to "seamless" move from cover to cover, and using any solid object on the battlefield (even your own vehicle) as cover. The purpose of the movement system is to allow for a different approach and execution of unique player strategy on the battlefield.

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Guns

Andromeda has four categories of guns, and a range of melee weapons for close-quarters combat. Melee weapons differ in speed and damage.

  1. Pistols
  2. Shotguns
  3. Sniper rifles
  4. Assault rifles

There are no class restrictions, so your squad can use every gun. Guns and gear fall into three technology types, which is based on where the tech came from.

  1. Milky Way weapons - Physical projectile ammunition (used in previous Mass Effect games).
  2. Remnant weapons - Unlimited ammo but the weapon can overheat and needs to cool down before it can be used.
  3. Heleus weapons - Plasma based weapons with two types - heat seeking and increased power the longer the trigger is held before release.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda -Skills

Unlike in previous Mass Effect games, there are no restrictions on skills. There are three main categories, each designed to suit a specific play style. Each skill can be upgraded in different paths to better suit your play style.

  1. Combat - Focuses on weapons, gear, and being the ultimate soldier. The different paths focus on things like better accuracy and improved weapons efficiency. It also unlocks specific weapons like flak canons, grenades, and trip mines, to name but a few.
  2. Tech - Allows the player to equip experimental technology that improves specific skills for the whole squad. These include things like better offensive skills, or abilities to weaken the enemy.
  3. Biotics - The player can harness the power of mass and gravity to control the battlefield.

Mass Effect Andromeda biotics.jpg

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Combat

Keep in mind that enemies in Andromeda have their own set of strength and weakness which in turn requires the player to adapt their strategy for attack and defense.

In most attacks, head shots will do the most damage to just about any enemy (but mind the different health bars), and the sticky grenades can take out most (but you'll have a limited supply).

Health bars indicate specific information about opponents, so take care of these before you launch an attack. Yellow means they're wearing armour and won't be susceptible to certain weapons or biotics. Blue means an enemy is shielded and more resistant to biotics. Enemy shields generate and damage the same way the player's do, so make sure to finish off an enemy before the shield regenerates. You'll be able to change your skills loadout on the fly so you'll be able to better change strategy during combat.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on 23 March 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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