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People love playing Resident Evil 7 in VR

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After all the hype behind the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR experience, which was updated in December to support Sony's VR headset, it seems like it has grown on people as the numbers will show.

According to, around 10% of people have played the game using the PlayStation VR headset. Almost 100,000 people to be exact as the numbers have climbing quite steadily over the past week. is Capcom's stats site that collects data from all the gamers who opt in to send data of their experience to Capcom for this reason. So this number could be even higher as some gamers could be offline, or decided to not send this data to the cloud. 

Although I have not played much of the game using PS VR due to the fear, Han had this to say after she tried it out this past weekend. 

I tried VR for the first time this weekend - and I'm sold. Of all the games out there, Coco had me play Resident Evil 7, and and wanted to jump out of my pants. To say the PSVR delivers an immersive experience is an understatement - it is truly the next step in game technology. All we need now is more games in a variety of genres.

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Other stats show that players have walked an accumulative of 18 million kilometers in the game, and they are almost half way to walking around the earth once. Players have also racked up 787 years of gameplay. This comes as no surprise as the game has hit its third-best week one sales in the series, and it is all thanks to the latest installment. Still on the fence about picking the game up, don't be as Wessel's review makes it clear that it is one of the best horror games to release in years.

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