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The Nintendo Switch will cost how much in South Africa?

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In November last year, the Canadian Toys R Us website supposedly leaked the price of the Nintendo Switch. Back then, it was $329.99 Canadian dollars, but,much to our delight, Nintendo confirmed the official Switch as only $299 - or just over R4000 for South African gamers.

Takealot, is currently advertising the Nintendo Switch for R5 299, and that at an apparent discount from their 'real price' of R5 599. It's understandable that South African gamers won't $299 as we have to include import duties and VAT - but those account for over R1000 more than Nintendo's official price?

We discussed this issue when we talked about Raru's pricing of the Oculus (R14 999) and Vive (R19 999) VR headsets. Marco bought his PlayStation 4 Pro from Amazon, and explained how customs and VAT worked with that purchase. "Amazon UK breaks down your costs into three categories. Postage and Packaging, import fees deposit, and cost of the device. The more expensive the device, the more you will pay for import tax, as well as postage and packaging. If a PS4 Pro, which is R6000 costs R600 in import tax, then surely a VR headset, which is a few grand more, shouldn't cost R3000-R7000 import and postage fees." There was no VAT implication.

Other SA online retailers have yet to list the Nintendo Switch price, and we'll update the article when more information becomes available. The Switch releases in South Africa on March 3.

How much are you willing to pay for the Nintendo Switch?

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