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Nioh's final trial impressions: A challenge Dark Souls fans will love


Nioh has been a long time coming. Yes, many might not know, but this game went into development back in 2004. After numerous script and story changes, the game was in limbo for close to eight years before Team Ninja picked it up. Four years later in 2016, Nioh entered its first ever public alpha, and with a positive response, Team Ninja knew they had something special on their hands, and so did Sony, who signed up as publisher.

Due for release soon on 7 February 2017, the game had its last ever free trial this past weekend on PlayStation 4. The demo showcased new locations, enemies, and combat tweaks that we will experience in the final game.

What I played this weekend is a taste of the main game's experience, and I walked away as happy as could be, as the game borrows inspiration from a few much-loved games of mine like Dark Souls, and Ninja Gaiden. To be honest, I am just a sucker for anything Japanese and Samurai-y, after I fell in love with the era back when Onimusha was the best thing since sliced bread. 

But enough reading, I have some cool gameplay footage from the Nioh: Last Chance Demo. Take a look below. 

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