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Resident Evil 7 biohazard download sizes and SA price list

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For once, you won't have to purchase an extra hard drive to experience the thrills of the latest video game. You do, however, need to buy some adult diapers. No jokes. I played the demo, and that was all I could take. Coco and Wessel are both hardcore Resident Evil fans, and to stop them from fighting over it, they're both doing a review. Coco took his chances with Resident Evil 7 in PlayStation VR, (and he'll talk about the PS4 Pro enhancements), while Mr Minnie will review the standard game. We also caught some non-gamers/newbies on film while playing Resident Evil 7: biohard in VR... it will be fun they said ... more about it later this week.

Resident Evil 7: Download Sizes

  • PlayStation 4: 20.6 GB
  • Xbox One: 20.21 GB
  • PC: 24 GB

Resident Evil 7: SA Digital Price List

Prices reflected as at the time of writing.

  • SA PlayStation Store: Standard Edition R829 / Day-1 Survival Edition R899 / Deluxe Edition R1249
  • SA Xbox Store: Day-1 Survival Edition R899 / Deluxe Edition R1249
  • Steam PC: Standard Edition R799 / Deluxe Edition R1098

Resident Evil 7: SA Collector's Edition Price List

  • Loot: PS4 R1999 / Xbox One R1999 / PC R1899
  • Raru: PS4 R2099 / Xbox One R2099 / PC R1999
  • CNA: PS4 R2299 / Xbox One R2299

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard releases on January 24 for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC.

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