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PS4 revolution pro-controller now available in S.A.

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Bigben Interactive's latest PlayStation 4 peripheral, the officially licensed Revolution Pro-Controller, is now available in South Africa. The Revolution Pro-Controller was designed with a focus on the console eSports player, and Bigben teamed up with professional gamers to make sure it would "meet a range of gameplay needs."

Bigben partnered with Ster Kinekor Entertainment to distribute the PlayStation 4 Revolution Pro-Controller in South Africa. “With the ever increasing demand for precision by our fans it’s exciting to be able to bring them an officially licensed controller with this level of technical development," said Mario  Dos Santos C.E.O. of SKE.

PS4 Revolution Pro-Controller: Two ways to play

The Revolution Pro has two gaming modes; each marked with a red or blue "halo." 

  1. Pro Control Mode (blue halo): Plug & Play functionality with integrated Dualshock 4 controls. Enhanced dual analogue sticks control with 46° amplitude.
  2. Advanced Mode (red halo): Instantly switch between 4x pre-loaded custom profiles to suit a range of games. Modify or replace those profiles with 4x of your own (via the PC companion app*). Assign macros on the 4x shortcut buttons – ideal for fighting games. Button re-mapping for a custom layout. Adjust the sensitivity and dead-band of triggers and right analogue stick – great for FPS. Independently adjust the vibration intensity on the left and right hand grips. Change the right analogue stick light for a custom look*

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PS4 Revolution Pro-Controller Features

  • Dual analogue sticks with 46 degree amplitude
  • Dual analogue triggers
  • Dual Shoulder buttons
  • 8-way directional pad
  • buttons
  • PS / SHARE / OPTIONS buttons
  • Touch pad
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 4 x shortcuts / macro buttons
  • 3m cable with secure connection, detachable for easy storage
  • Internal weight compartment for tailored balance and feel
  • (2x 10g, 2x 14g, 2x17g)
  • Storage pouch

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The PS4 Revolution Pro-Controller is available at the retailers listed below. The recommended retail price is R1699.99

PS4 Revolution Pro-Controller SA Retailers

Product information source: Raru

In the video below, Hollie from PlayStation Access unboxes two PS4 pro controllers, the Revolution Pro and the Razer Raiju.She highlights the Revolution Pro features like grip, lightbar changes, better accuracy, styling changes, balancing options, and more.

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