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SA shoppers can buy the HTC Vive for 20K from Raru | Update

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South African shoppers can now finally order the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from a local retailer. Raru advertises both items as on "Special Order Only" - but me thinks to step into the Rift and the Vive are too costly.

Response from Raru: We are getting the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from a local supplier. We also agree the price is higher than we would have liked it to have been at. Hopefully prices will come down in the near future. At least console gamers have the PS VR to look forward to at the much lower price at the end of January."

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift pricing



I've contacted the good people at Raru for an explanation about those absurd prices, but I've yet to hear back from them. I assume that import tax is the culprit, but it still doesn't explain why both the Vive and Oculus are almost double the price if you buy it from Raru. It's a lot cheaper to purchase directly from Amazon.

Last year, Marco bought the PlayStation 4 Pro from Amazon, and according to him he only paid R550 import tax. "Amazon UK breaks down your costs into three categories. Postage and Packaging, import fees deposit, and cost of the device. The more expensive the device, the more you will pay for import tax, as well as postage and packaging. If a PS4 Pro, which is R6000 costs R600 in import tax, then surely a VR headset, which is a few grand more, shouldn't cost R3000-R7000 import and postage fees," explains Marco.

I have the highest regard for Raru; they offer competitive prices and always deliver on time. They also regularly run great discounts and competitions, and I can't fault them for their service to South African gamers. However, I can't recommend anyone pay the above prices for the Vive and Oculus. It's ridiculous to say the least.

Would you pay R20 000 for a virtual reality headset so you can use it with your PC? You can buy a PS4 Pro and PSVR for R13499, also from Raru.

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"We also agree the price is higher than we would have liked"

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