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Free games and demos to download for PS VR before SA launch

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The PlayStation VR SA launch got a slight delay, so why not download some free VR games and demos while you wait for the release day? If you haven't yet pre-ordered your PS VR, then you should do it as soon as possible as stock is very limited.

Note: Many of these, if not every one of these games are found on other PlayStation Stores like the US, Chinese and Japanese store. You will need to create accounts for these stores before you can download from them. Many of you probably have these already, but if not, here is a quick guide how to do it for the Chinese store, and click here for a U.S account guide.

PlayStation VR Demo Disc 

I know what you are thinking, “the demo disc comes with the VR headset”. While this is true, I have seen many YouTubers and articles complaining that the disc lacks content in certain regions. Some users are saying that they don't get the full list of games on their disc. We don’t know what we will not get on our disc in SA, so to be safe, and to get all the content, the American version is the most comprehensive demo version you can get. I order to be 100% sure you are going to get all the demos available, head over to the U.S PSN store and download the PlayStation Demo Disc from there. 

The Playroom VR

While this will probably be live on our local store on the 24th of January, it you want to get the download done before the time, then go ahead. The Playroom VR is a great game to play with friends as it requires that one person uses the headset, while the other players use the TV to play the game. Let the fighting over who wears the VR headset begin! 


Allumette is a short VR film that has been created in a unique art style. The short film has been animated in 3D, which means you can explore every scene, and watch the entire film from every direction. Lean over to look at the world around your, and turn around to gaze at the surroundings in detail.

Gary the Gull

Just like Alumette, Gary the Gull is short film that is viewed completely in 3D. The only difference between here is that the film is fully interactive. You watch this lunatic Seagull on the beach ramble on about life, while sipping on a cocktail, and interfering with his day. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Jackal Assault VR Experience

Ever wanted to fly a Jackal through space? Well with this free Call of Duty VR demo you can. The demo is pretty small to download, but offers a great fighter jet experience as you fly through space above a massive spacecraft, and shoot down the enemy fighter jets that stand in your way. It makes great use of the VR's movement sensors, and is probably the closest thing you will ever get to experiencing a space fight, so enjoy it. 

Kill X Demo VR

I did not want to include many demos on this list, but the Kill X VR Demo is a must for all horror fans. If you have watched any VR fails on YouTube where people almost die of freight while playing VR, then you would recognize this game. This is a true horror experience as you explore a cave with a flashlight and flesh-eating zombies around trying to chew on your fingers. 

Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour

The demo that was originally released back in July, was updated for PS VR in December. If you own the demo already, you can just update it to install the PS VR support, but if not head over to the South Africa PS Store and get it downloaded. The full game is releasing on 24 January, but those who won't have the extra cash to pick up the game and a PS VR headset at once, can use this demo to experience what the game will be like with the PS VR headset on. 

With PS VR releasing in a few weeks, best get these downloaded as soon as you can, so you have something cool to try out on day one. What will you be playing first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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