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Bravado leads the charge for SA eSports on the international scene

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Bravado Gaming’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) competed against tough international competition this past weekend at the Mountain Dew League (MDL) Global LAN Finals (ESEA Season 23) in Los Angeles for a prize pool of $50,000 (R689,710). Although the team didn’t manage to make it to the playoffs, they showed the casters, spectators and their opponents that they shouldn’t be taken lightly. It was without a doubt a strong performance by the team from South Africa.

About Bravado’s performance

Bravado got off to an amazing start at the MDL Global LAN Finals, defeating Team SoloMid in the opening match of the tournament with a convincing performance. Just before the match started, one of the casters still called them “a team from South America”. After the dust settled and Bravado emerged victorious against Team SoloMid, everyone at the tournament knew their names, that they come from South Africa and that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Bravado faced Team LDLC on Saturday in a best-of-one matchup on Overpass, with the final score being 16-4 in the favor of Team LDLC. A 16-4 loss might look like a crushing defeat, but it was far from it. So many of the rounds where extremely close and Bravado was on the brink of resetting LDLC’s economic advantage several times throughout the match.

The final, deciding Group A match that Bravado would play in was against US-based squad Rogue. The decider was a best-of-three matchup, with map results being: Train 16-7 and Mirage 16-3, both in the favor of Rogue. Although Bravado lost their last two matches and was eliminated from the tournament, it is important to note that Team LDLC and Rogue made it to the finals, where Rogue became the tournament champions.

Bravado didn’t walk away empty-handed, as they won $3,000 (R41,361) for their 5/6 place finish. You can watch both of Bravado’s games against Rogue uploaded by VODS CSGO below, then continue reading about Bravado’s CS: GO and Dota 2 squads competing at another big international event later this week.

Up next: The WESG Global Finals

Bravado’s CS: GO squad earned their place at the World Electronic Sport Games (WESG) Global Finals by claiming second place at the African and Middle East Regional Qualifiers and their Dota 2 squad managed a third-place finish. Therefore, both teams are set to compete in the WESG Global Finals, which is being held in Shanghai, China on 12 to 15 January.

Bravado’s CS: GO team:

Bravado’s Dota 2 team:

I previously reported that Anthony ‘Scant’ Hodgson would be joining the Dota 2 squad as the coach. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore, as Bravado announced yesterday that Mr. Hodgson is unable to attend the event “because of medical reasons”.

Show your support for the teams and players by using the hashtag #bvdgaming on social media and following the links below:

What do you think about Bravado’s performance at the MDL Global LAN finals and what do you hope to see from the CS: GO and Dota 2 teams at the WESG Global Finals later this week? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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