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Orena #OCS Season 2: Expect the Unexpected

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Orena in partnership with SteelSeries and Megarom hosted a fantastic season one of their Overwatch Champions Series. "Our first season has gone better than expected with 18 active teams competing on a weekly basis," said Orena chief, Luca "Robohobo" Tucconi, himself an active player and currently in Diamond for season three Competitive Play.

Orena's Overwatch Champions Series Season one ended on an unexpected note when the season favourites, Friendship Squad, didn't take the win, as they were outplayed in the last few matches leading up to the finals by rivals Eden and Nine Meter Bears. Season one ended with E.D.E.N as the top heroes.

Orena #OCS S2: The road so far

Season two kicked off on August 15th with 13 teams, and things were going to turn out very differently than what we saw in season one. For starters, the season kicked off with fewer teams, but according to Tucconi - with a much higher overall skill level than what he saw in season one. It is, of course, a natural improvement as players are now much more experienced in their individual roles, as well as team play.

Season two of the Orena ladder has been an exciting one, with teams trading their spot at the top of the ladder almost daily," explains Tucconi. The big question is if E.D.E.N, the season one winners, will be able to defend their title. On Sunday, the knockouts open with the remaining top eight teams - and E.D.E.N isn't even in the top two.

  1. Noobs OW
  2. Damage Control
  3. E.D.E.N (Energy eSports)
  4. Bums
  5. Bass Monkeys
  6. BerZerK Gaming White
  7. Noavaex
  8. xTc.Overwatch

So, a brand new team who didn't even compete in season one is currently at the top! DC, my favourites from the first season is at second place, and season one's champs, E.D.E.N, taking number three. "We've seen some new names such as team “Noobs” who have completely surprised us and cemented themselves as the top seed for knockouts. This is definitely the team we will be looking out for coming into the second stage of the season," continued Tucconi.

"One team which featured in our first season, Damage Control, has shown serious improvements over the last couple months and our now taking the second seed compared to their fifth seed in Season one. Remember, this means last season they didn’t even feature in the knockouts. We can clearly see that DC has put a lot of time into their game. They've also made some roster changes by adding eSports legend, Alistair “Lag_Beast” Bourman as DPS.

Orena #OCL: What to expect from season 2 knockouts

Here are a few things you probably don't know and please bear with me, as I throw a few speculations into the game.

An interesting tidbit is that Marc "Surge" du Plessis (a TF2 veteran) who used to play for DC in the Overwatch DGL now plays for "Bums." What I remember from the TF2 days is that Surge has a deadly aim (must be from his CS:GO glory days), but if he puts enough time into developing that skill for Overwatch is another thing entirely. Keeping with "Bums" Raliator is another Team Fortress 2 legend. I played against him back in the day, and believe me; that boy has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he is a force to be reckoned with when coupled with a good healer. However, if his healer doesn't trust him enough to follow his crazy stunts things could turn out much less "devastating for the opposing team.

"Bums" has three international players, which means they should have a slight latency advantage as the tournament is hosted on EU servers. So far, however, local teams have fared better than the Bums, and we have Overwatch's brilliant netcode to thank for that. Be that as it may, "Bums" is definitely also a team to watch during the knockouts.

"Another interesting change has been our new stance on international players competing in our events. This season we allowed teams to field a maximum of three international players in their line-ups," explains Tucconi. "With this new restriction in place, it has allowed us to be graced with the presence of one of the world's best Overwatch talents, Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre, a French international who has played for star-studded lineups at Misfits.gg and Melty Esports. His team at “Bums,” lead by Devon “Raliator” Williams, a South African ex-pat, is definitely a team to watch out for in the #OCS knockouts!"

However, "Bums" is currently placed at position four, and I wouldn't throw away DC as having a shot at taking season two. They have years of eSports experience, and I believe they have the right mindset to make it far in Overwatch. They might've been off to a slow start in season one, but I expect a slow, steady growth until they eventually become an unstoppable force - if they keep that leadership and morale in the team from players like Lag_beast and 'ole Pacman.

"We just play a lot and watch pro games and try to keep up with meta and which heroes are strong together and so on. Also, strive for masters," says Lag_beast as I ask him on why DC's is performing so much better in Season two. "We also changed a player due to suffering injury which affected his gameplay."

I also wouldn't discard E.D.E.N; they have the most players who competed in the Overwatch World Cup, and their individual player skill is a thing of beauty. That being said, Overwatch is a team based game, and individual skill can turn against you if teamwork isn't flowing. One thing is certain; the Orena Overwatch Champions Ladder knockouts are going to be very exciting. Anything can happen, the win isn't a sure thing, and that's the best kind of eSports for spectators.

I hope South African gamers tune in and watch the live streams. I plan to watch the semi's and finals, so tune in for more local Overwatch coverage from MWEB GameZone.

Sunday 4th:

  • Noobs OW vs. xTc.Overwatch - 18:00
  • Bums vs. Reversal Esports - 19:30

Monday 5th:

  • Energy Esports vs. BerZerK Gaming - 19:30
  • Damage Control vs. Novaex  - 21:00

Tuesday 6th:

  • Semi-final 1 - 19:30
  • Semi-final 2 - 21:00

Wednesday 7th:

  • Grand Final - 19:30

I dropped Tucconi a few more questions about what we can expect during the knockouts.

Who is the favourite to win and why?

"Energy Eden, even though the low playing amount this season, are definitely still the favourties after their victory in Season one. As far as we know, their team comprises the highest ranked player average on the Blizzard Competitive Season Ladder."

Teams to keep an eye on and why?

"The two teams we have been most impressed by this season has to be Noobs and Damage Control. They both placed in 1st and 2nd respectively, with line-ups that were not featured in our 1st Season of the ladder. Another team to watch out for is "Bums", a last minute entry which features a player by the name of Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre, an Overwatch pro on the international circuit who won the recent ELEAGUE Overwatch Open with his pro team, "Misfits.gg"."

Let's show our support for our local Overwatch eSports players, please use #OCS when you talk about the knockouts on social media. Tune in to Orena’s Twitch Channel for broadcasting by Luca “RoBoHoBo” Tucconi and Kyle “Congo” Wolmarans,

Han: Twitter / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

"Anything can happen, the win isn't a sure thing, and that's the best kind of eSports for spectators"

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