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Mosaic, you have our attention


Mosaic is "a mysterious adventure game" and the glimpse we got from the teaser trailer already got us hooked. Maybe it's because of the beautiful simplicity of the art, or the ominous music that hints at a terrible secret lurking inside that perceived beauty. Maybe because we instinctively identify with and fear the monotonous existence that so clearly emanates from the characters.

Maybe it's the splash of red from the toothbrush that screams of unimaginable horror lurking in the drabness of a life caught in the clutches of ordinary life. Or the sameness that imprisons and the desperation caught in glimpses of 'unordinary' trying to escape its hateful yet acceptable prison. Again, the sliver of blood red dripping its message from the overhead pedestrian light.

The false promise of safety and the lure of rules as we surround ourselves with the predictable. Machines and technology cradling us in its digital embrace. The sudden onrush of change, suffocating in its persistence. I want to, no, I need to explore this world.

Mosaic is being developed by Krillbite Studio, you might remember them from the game "Among the Sleep." The official description of Mosaic states:

"In Mosaic you meet a person that lives a cold and repetitive life. Every day looks and feels the same until one day everything changes forever." Krillbite expects to release Mosaic in 2017 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


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"The sudden onrush of change, suffocating in its persistence"

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