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CS: GO and LoL eSports tournaments to be broadcast in VR for the first time

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The Electronic Sports League (ESL), in partnership with, is taking eSports spectating to the next level. Starting with the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Oakland, those who own a Virtual Reality (VR) device will be able to watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and League of Legends (LoL) professional tournaments in VR.

Transforming the spectator experience

If you have a VR device (or a mobile phone has Panorama-360 functionality) you can experience a whole new level of immersion while spectating professional teams with “augmented live stats” integrated into the VR live stream. In a Press Release, and ESL explains the new spectator experience:

“Virtual reality live-streaming unlocks a unique opportunity to transform the esports spectator experience by teleporting the viewer inside top esports games like CS:GO and LoL, and enhancing that experience with real-time player, game and ‘key moment’ stats. ESL is providing this augmented spectator experience in partnership with and its VRLiveStats platform.

Viewers around the world can for the first-time feel the visual imagery of esports, the intense spirit of competitio n in CS:GO and LoL tournaments, and get real-time stats including player KDAs (Kill-deaths-assists), event timeline with bomb plants, defuses, kills with various weapons and ‘key moment’ stats such as 2k, 3k and multi-kill streaks by player in round.” - Source  

Watching eSports tournaments has been one of my favourite things to do for over a decade. This initiative could not only enhance the experience but also but also get more people interested in the prospect of a VR device.

Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of said that: “Our vision is to transform the eSports spectator landscape forever”

If all goes well, the ESL and might just be able to do it. Watching an eSports tournament, specially a world-class CS: GO match, is already an extremely exciting experience, so being even further immersed in the action sounds amazing.

George Woo, Esports Marketing Manager at Intel, states in the Press Release:

“Each season we push the boundaries of innovation by adding new elements to make IEM more exciting and immersive for fans. This year you can experience IEM for the first time in VR through Powerful and thrilling VR experiences like demand a high performance PC —and that is where Intel excels with its latest Intel Core i7 Extreme Processor. With IEM is going to be even more exciting for gamers and create new VR fans.” - Source

The IEM Oakland tournament starts on 19 November 2016. You can watch the action live on mobile Panorama-360 or by using Google Cardboard with your mobile device on the website. You will need to download the app.

Find the download links for various VR and mobile devices below:

Watch the 2D video below to get an idea of how the VR integration will work and then let us know what you think about the initiative in the comment section.  

Sources: Sliver.TV, IEM, Press Release

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