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Most affordable 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa for your PS4 Pro

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After discussing the PS4 Pro the other day, many people seem to be excited for it and are planning on pre-ordering it as soon as they can. Here is the thing though, the PS4 Pro, as mentioned before, has a cool 1080p mode, as well 4K output, so you will need a 4K display. I know what it is like shopping for one, as there are so many out there, that it is hard to keep up.

Luckily, due to my obsession with them, and the extensive research I did before buying mine, I know pretty much the basics when shopping for one. Remember, cheaper does not always mean better, especially when it comes to TVs, as there could be a couple of things that will let you down with a cheaper device. 

What to look for?

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a 4K display, especially for gaming, and the PS4 Pro. You don’t want to fork out ten thousand rand, to have to do what you want right? ·        

  1. HDR Premuim/ HDR Pro
  2. Dedicated Game Mode feature 
  3. 4K output
  4. Smart features
  5. Internet capabilities
  6. 100Hz and above refresh rate
  7. Ample HDMI ports and setup ready
  8. Don’t waste money on Curved TVs

Let me run through the above quick those who don’t have any idea what I am talking about. HDR is now, and many 4K displays do have this feature. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which sees TVs render images to be more life-like. Light is brighter, dark is darker, and colours are richer. The PS4 and PS4 Pro now supports HDR, and it looks great. Chances are that if you are buying an 4K TV, then it will get the job done for you in every way including HDR, as HDR is included in more of the higher end sets. Keep in mind, that cheaper models, and older models of LG and Samsung, might not have HDR. 

A dedicated Game Mode is important when using your TV for gaming, as it makes sure to eliminate any lag input between you and what you see. When shooting, or moving around, it will be on a one-to-one ratio, with next to no lag input between the controller and the image. 4K output is simple, the TV needs to be 4K, else this will all be a waste. Many 4K displays now have some pretty neat smart features like LG’s Web OS. While many of the don’t, to save money, it would be best to try and get one that does. LG, Samsung, Hisense, and even JVC all do smart features like apps and a UI dashboard. 


Internet goes hand in hand with the smart features, and most TVs nowadays have Wi-Fi built in, or an Ethernet adapter to plug in a cable. The internet features will be used to surf the net, download apps, stream, and sometime screen share from you mobile to the TV. 100Hz refresh rate is the standard today, but you can get 120Hz TVs, for a premium price. This refers to the rate in which the image appears on your screen. 100Hz, means that the image is appeared 100 times per second, for a smoother motion blur free image. 120Hz would be the most ideal, but the difference is sometime unrecognizable. Many TVs now also include a motion setting to change this anyway.

Make sure you know what setup you are running and if the TV will support all that. I have bought TVs in the past without thinking, and they only came with two HDMI ports, and I had four devices. Very annoying. If you use a surround sound, make sure the TV has the port for it, and if you are upgrading the size, make sure your stand can accommodate it. Lastly, do not waste money on curved TVs, they are just a fashion trend and do nothing for your budget, but make your lounge look a little sexier. 

Now to the business. These TVs below are models I have personally tested and done extensive research on preparing for the PS4 Pro launch. I finally settled on one of these, finally, after two months of deciding. You will see which one below. All these displays are under R15k, which makes them the affordable, and at the same time, they all mostly pack HDR, multiple HDMI ports, are a decent size, and have smart features. 

Hisense 49” Ultra HD Smart TV (49K300UW)

Hisense 1.jpg 

The cheapest, and most recommended model for its price, is the Hisense 49-inch UHD TV. The TV does not have HDR though, but for those who want an affordable UHD TV with smart features, then this would be the first place to start. Keep in mind however, if you are prepared to spend another one thousand rand, then you might just want to go for the next model. 

LG 49” UHD Smart TV (49UH617)

LG 2.jpg 

By far the best 4K TV you can buy for under R10k must be this one. The LG 49UH617 was on my list for some time, and though I did get this one, its massive list of features like HDR Pro (or HDR Premium in SA), Web OS 2.0, 3 HDMI ports, and TrueMotion features, kept it at the top of the list. This is the best budget 4K TV on the market by far, and it will satisfy your 4K need. 

Samsung 50” UHD Smart TV (50KU7000) - R9,999 | 55-inch

Samsung 3.jpg 

If you are a Samsung fan, then the 50KU7000 range would be the most ideal cheap UHD TV for you. It has a gorgeous display, and supports HDR. The only thing missing between the LG and Samsung, would be the smart hub, which the TV has, but it is not as nice as LG’s Web OS 3.0. 

LG 55” UHD Smart TV (55UH617T)


So, this is my TV I went with after all the shopping around. The 55UH617T is like the 49-inch model listed above, but 55-inches. It also has a better processor than the 49-inch, which lets it run Web OS a bit faster than the other model. The other model is also only running Web OS 2.0, but you can find a 2016 model of the 49-inch that runs Web OS 3.0 like the 55-inch. Make sure to shop around first. The 55-inch model is gorgeous, its HDR support, 4K output, and great use space makes it a great buy for its price. 

Hisense 55” Smart ULED TV (M7000)


Hisense might have some cheaper TVs on the market, but the latest M7000 range, is a whole new direction for the company. It could be the best Hisense TV set on the market as it boasts a full-capable smart hub, HDR (missing in other models), and comes in a pretty large size. Keep in mind however, that for the price, you could just go with the LG or Samsung.  

So there you have them. I really think that 4K TVs have reached a pretty affordable price range, especially when you look at the LG UH617 range. Starting at R9,999 for the 49", and going up to R15,999 for the 65", the models provide great size ranges for you to choose from. The Samsung 7000 series is also a great range to look at, also starting it under R10,000, and going up to R19,999 for the massive 6-inch model. If you are really on a budget, then take a look at the Hisense range, but keep in mind that they have only just released the model with HDR support, so anything under the M7000, will not have HDR features. 

Do you own a 4K TV or looking to get one? Let us know what model in the comments below. 

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