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What you missed from the Battlefield 1 Cape Town launch event

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On Friday the 21 October, camo wearing fans were lined up, locked and loaded, our eyes through the scope with one main target - to attend the Battlefield 1 launch at the MCave, home of MWEB GameZone.

On patrol

When I arrived at the MWEB building, we were given our customary gift bag of goodies. Once the clock hit One Eight Hundred hours, everyone was moved into the building and the anticipation of playing Battlefield 1 was rising. We were welcomed to the launch by MWEB's Product Manager: Derrick Kaylor.

"I have been to previous GameZone launches, but this is the first time that I have been personally involved in setting one up. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the work done prior to the evening and the evening itself. Battlefield looks great and delivered on the hype. In my opinion, the game is as good, if not better, than previous Battlefields. I am now proud owner of the game, says Kaylor. "The event could not have the launch without the help from EA (our sponsor), Prima Interactive, Ryno, Clint (and his team), our writers and Deniel.

Even more so, the support we got from our gaming community was awesome. I personally want to thank everyone that made the event a great success."

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MCave had it's uniform on

After I did a bit of mingling and playing on some awesome retro arcade machines (those real ones we used to play on back in the day), we were led to the legendary MCave where ten computers were set up with their super fast private LAN connection for those who wanted to try out Battlefield 1 - meaning, every person who attended.

There was a DJ playing music and sick lighting set up (they looked like little robots) while the whole MCave was draped in Battlefield 1 posters and cardboard cut outs. Big screens were set up and connected to a few PC's so that all those standing behind the players need not to bend their necks or be up in the players faces to see some Battlefield 1 action. I'm sure players wouldn't have liked me invading their personal space so this was a must, well played GameZone.

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For victory!

As with every MWEB launch, we could participate in competitions to win prizes. Target shooting game and a "fill up the space invader" with tagged (#MWGMZBF1) Tweets, were some of the games played, plus a prize for the best dressed (the winner was in full camo, so I don't know how anyone saw him). Up for grabs were a Raru vouchers, but the main prize (the one everyone wanted) was a limited edition Battlefield 1 DICE Edition which included:

  • Collector’s Edition statue (14″ Tall)
  • Exclusive steel book
  • Exclusive cloth poster
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content
  • Exclusive patch
  • Premium packaging

Gratz to Dylan Rosser who walked away with the sexy prize. Some fast Tweeters walked away with vouchers while a policeman kept the highest score for the target shooting game. Unfortunately I'd left my glasses at home so no target shooting for me or I might have hit an innocent bystander.

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I love the smell of pizza in the evening

After a few hours of Battlefield 1 game play, pizza was delivered and we were called to "attention" to be informed about the pizza. (Although the delicious smell of pizza could already be smelt through the area.) Once we where told the "front line" went in with the rest followed to stock up and regain some HP before we headed straight back to play some more.

Never leave a man behind

The highlight of the evening for me (besides playing Battlefield 1 obviously) was definitely watching how everyone played. There was laughter, banter and some serious skill going down. Battlefield 1 is a great game to play solo but it's even better to play co-op. One of the moments to go down in the books for me was when three friends played co-op while sitting together - headphones on, and very serious business expressions to match.

Everyone was trying their best even though a few tongue and cheek comments where thrown around. Boys will be boys, and watching a group of players having so much fun only put a smile on my face. This is exactly what these launches are meant for and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

As the night died down and we had all exhausted our ammo supplies, players, fans and media were bid farewell and safe travels. Thanks for another great event, and see you at the MCave next time!

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