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Battlefield 1's strange glitch causes a massive resolution drop

Battlfield 1 crazy glitch.jpg

Do you like your games in a pixelated, retro look? Well then, you might enjoy a recently discovered glitch in Battlefield 1 on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) that drops the game’s pixel count to something you would expect to see in the early 90’s.

The glitch, found by VG Tech in a Battlefield 1 Conquest PS4 Frame Rate Test (embedded at the bottom of this article), causes the game’s pixel count to drop to as low as 160x90.  

No, I didn’t accidentally leave out a few zeroes….

Battlefield 1 on current-gen consoles uses Dynamic Resolution Scaling to help the hardware maintain a respectable frame-rate during especially intense situations. If you’ve ever played a Battlefield game, you would know that some crazy stuff can happen in the Conquest game mode. When the aforementioned crazy stuff does occur, for example four helicopters crashing into a building while a massive dam breaks in the distance, the game will obviously require a lot of horsepower than a one-on-one firefight in a small structure.

That’s where Dynamic Resolution Scaling can help a console cope with the added stress. However, dropping to 160x90 is a bit much and surely a glitch. VG Tech explains their findings:

“Pixel counts indicate that conquest mode in Battlefield 1 on PS4 uses a dynamic resolution. The lowest and highest pixel counts found during regular gameplay were approximately 1100x620 and 1807x1014 respectively. There also appears to be a rare bug that causes the resolution to drop to an extremely low pixel count for a short period of time. The lowest pixel count found during this drop is about 160x90.” - Source

  Battlefield 1 low res glitch.jpg

Battlefield 1 at approximately 160x90p...

That’s definitely a weird glitch. There is simply no way the developers intended the resolution to be scaled that low; its impossible to see what’s going on. Hopefully, the glitch will be fixed soon, as Battlefield 1 launches today (21 October 2016) for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If you plan on joining the “Great War” today, you should read up about local servers and the game isn’t exactly cheap, especially after the massive price-hike in early September.

Watch the VG Tech PS4 frame-rate text video showcasing the bug below and then tell us what you think about the bug in the comment section.

Source:  VG Tech video | Main Image Credit: Battlefield 1

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