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Battlefield 1 rent-a-server pricing and release date confirmed

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EA announced the Battlefield 1 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rent-a-server pricing, and tomorrow they'll finally reply to  the many questions and concerns fans have raised over the past ten days. No, the status of Battlefield 1 PC servers for South Africa is still the same, although I have come across a very interesting comment on the BF1 forum

"Will there be SOUTH EAST ASIA (more specifically Singapore) region for rental? I see that south africa has been added to the list. We are the next. We really need more region specificity (instead of just ASIA=japan) because the pings are really bad for us. The best connection I have is ~180 to 200ms to Japan." DefencerX wrote to Battlefield North American Community Manager, Jeff Braddock.

Battlefield 1 rent-a-server is going to cost a pretty penny when it rolls out on 1 November 2016. Keep in mind that the current exchange rate is $1:R13.88

Battlefield 1: Rent-a-server for PC

  • 1 day: $2.99
  • 7 days: $11.99
  • 30 days: $42.99
  • 90 days: $99.99
  • 180 days: $149.99

Battlefield 1: Rent-a-server for PS4 & Xbox One

  • 1 day: $1.99
  • 7 days: $7.99
  • 30 days: $26.99
  • 90 days: $64.99
  • 180 days: $99.99

Image credit: The talented Andrew. / Source: Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 launches this Friday and we'll be giving away the sexy DICE Edition at the Cape Town launch party.


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