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rAge 2016 - The One To Remember

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This Sunday saw the successful conclusion of rAge 2016. With a fresh new mascot the NAG team & co. took on the challenge of making rAge even better than last year.

To give you an idea of where this article is going, all we can say is, it’s been our favourite to date.

What the fans want, the fans get

The biggest talking point for last years rAge was the issue of overcrowding and inadequate stall layouts. This time around, the rAge organisers have heard the pleas of the masses and delivered spectacularly. We met up with the striking Lauren das Neves from Marketing and PR to discuss the changes and how they went about making this year's rAge one to remember. Did you know that eSports is Lauren's passion, that she is a big fan and supporter of competitive gaming, and that her favourite title is League of Legends (which she has been playing for the past five years)?

The most important point we took away from this interview was that rAge and the dome have a 'special relationship.' As Lauren mentions, being able to see all of the expo at any given point is of particular importance and that moving the event to a more linear layout might diminish the experience.

Below is the full interview if you would like to see what else we chatted about. A big shoutout to Lauren; we have so much respect and appreciation for the work you do for local gaming.

The best code is Home_Coded

It’s clear that a lot of thought and planning went into the placement and look of each stall. Everything was very streamlined and designed to accommodate large crowds. It’s a far departure from the previous years where the stalls looked bulky with their oversized attention-grabbing designs. We would, however, loved to have seen a more prominent visual draw in at the Home_Coded stands.

The local games that we were introduced to at rAge were so impressive, but the look of the stands didn’t aspire to the same standard.

We realise that budgets are tight and so we would like to see more support for these local developers. Regardless of how we felt about the look of the stands, gamers were lining up and queueing non-stop to try out SA’s best. We’ll gush a bit more in a separate article and video so keep an eye out for that.


SA's weird & wonderful geek horde

The improvements of the venue had a clear connection to the overall mood of the crowd and how people treated each other over the weekend. The geek horde has always been more accepting of the weird and wonderful, and it’s no surprise that non-gamers would eventually be intrigued.

The diversity of the crowd is what got us so excited, age, race, and size went unseen as everyone blended seamlessly as gaming enthusiasts. We were also surprised by the number of families in attendance especially those that decided to dress up. A family that cosplays together stays together.

I think this is a testament to rAge’s expanding popularity.

Crowd & Cosplay.jpg

Games. Glorious Games

Of course, the main reason why we all crowded together was because of the games. rAge 2016 flaunted multiple unreleased titles that were available for you to try and test before committing.

VR made a big splash this year with excited strings of people waiting to try it out. PlayStation VR went all out by grabbing the centre of attention, literally, with their impressive ten cubicle stand.

We loved that at rAge we get to experience not just video games, but all kinds of 'play' - whether it's in costume, board games, card games, video games, or just playing the fool.

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eSports is the champion of Africa

We fervently believe the divide between non-gamers and gamers are bridged by eSports. And rAge had plenty of live action on display. The most noticeable were, of course, the two stages set at opposite ends of the venue namely the Telkom DGL stage and the CWL MAG Cup Stage. Kwesé Sports also had the Gauteng qualifiers of their very first African Championship eSport tournament. The Gauteng division bought a massive 200 FIFA players to the e-pitch, so we hope Cape Town will not disappoint.

The shouting and cheering of the spectators at random sent a charge through the venue that would revive any lull that occurred during the three days. The competitions were exciting and tense, and if you missed the results, here they are:

Telkom DGL Master Results

Telkom DGC Results:

Call of Duty World League MAG Cup

Kwesé Sports: ACE FIFA 17 Tournament

  • Supreme Champion: Babalo
  • Worthy Adversary: Kevin
  • Maybe Next Time: Uwais_P
  • 4th place: Vin
  • 5th place tie: Sheraad & Yipson

See the full ACE FIFA 17 Gauteng qualifiers list here.


A rAging success

In conclusion, we had an amazing time just experiencing the joy and fun that could be had at such a world class event. If you couldn’t be there, keep an eye out for our rAge aftermovie,. We hope the it lights a fire in you to attend next year. We’ll be holding thumbs that this year’s “rAgeing” success keeps building.

A massive thank you to the rAge team for giving us so many good memories. Your hard work is appreciated, and we can't thank you enough. rAge 2016 will linger in our hearts and minds for a very long time.

Until next year where we hope to CU@rAge.

By madeyoulook: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube for MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

"our favourite to date"

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