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PlayStation VR Review Roundup: When good enough is acceptable

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After reading through the PlayStation VR reviews I still don't know if it's something I want to buy. The short of it seems to be - if good enough is acceptable, and you have extra cash, then buy it. Personally, I'd rather buy one of the upcoming consoles. Another thing that's confusing is that some critics praise te PSVR games, while others downplay it.

Best advice for South African readers - get some PSVR hands-on time at rAge before you make a decision. Even better, you might win a PSVR at rAge.

Polygon: The PlayStation VR is the most comfortable VR headset ever made

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive may surpass PlayStation VR in some key areas — they are more expensive, after all — but Sony’s first attempt at a virtual reality headset isn’t just more comfortable than the competition ... it’s in a completely different class.

That Sony — a consumer electronics giant with decades of experience making displays, lenses, cables, processors, controllers — figured out how to make a better mousetrap shouldn’t be a surprise. That the company figured out how to make that better mousetrap cheaper than the competition, and is uniquely capable of getting it into stores and into people’s homes, is more of a surprise. And if that were the entire race, Sony would have just left the competition in the dust ... but comfort and fit aren’t everything.

Eurogamer: Sony PlayStation VR review

At a technical level, Sony's engineers have ticked all of the boxes, and in many ways, PSVR is an example of how clever thinking and smart design overcomes what some might consider a sub-par spec.

But perhaps the biggest challenge facing PlayStation VR is that as good as the hardware is overall, the platform - and indeed VR in general - is still looking for that killer app, the game that will change everything. I used to think that presence, that immense feeling of being transported to another place, would be enough to sell the platform, that the experience alone was enough. But what's clear is that it isn't. Virtual reality is an amazing platform and PlayStation VR is a remarkable piece of hardware with many delightful experiences, but what's missing is its Super Mario 64, Halo or Ridge Racer - the 'must have' game that can truly kick off a new generation of interactive entertainment. 

Gameinformer: The PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR falls under the same argument that has plagued the ongoing war between PC gaming and console gaming for years. By the technical standards, Oculus and Vive on PC are stronger showcases for VR. However, PlayStation VR is cheaper, offers a legitimate virtual-reality experience that is more comfortable, and is easier to use than its competitors. For the console-exclusive gamers looking to enter the realm of virtual reality, PlayStation VR gets the job done. You can enter virtual worlds, get a sense that you’re really there, and have new interactive gaming experiences unlike anything you’ve seen before on consoles. You just might have a little bit of a headache as a result.

VG24/7: expensive novelty or a new direction for PS4?

Visual fidelity is nowhere near as sharp or defined as we’ve come to expect from the PS4 and the reality is closer to PS3-era graphics. None of these games are going to look like Uncharted 4. None of these games are really going to be at the standard we’ve come to take for granted from the current PlayStation and I find that a little hard to deal with at times. Textures are blurry, edges to structures and characters are blocky, objects at a distance are undefined.

But that’s the nature of VR in 2016.

The Verge: When good enough is great

Sony is providing a home for interesting, low-key experiences that highlight some of the medium’s strengths.

.. a system that is, more than anything else, good enough. There’s no one game that justifies buying PlayStation VR, and no technical breakthrough that will revolutionize how you experience the medium. But it offers a balanced, interesting launch catalog and a headset that’s a joy to wear, with weak points that hurt the system but don’t cripple it. It effectively costs more than an actual PlayStation 4 console, but for many people, it’s still within the range of a holiday splurge or a generous gift. And it’s got the backing of a company that, even if it’s being cautious with VR, seems in it for the long haul.

Engadget: Great games outweigh limited specs

It's less immersive than the Rift or Vive, but it has titles you'd actually want to play.

And while most VR experiences don't have the same graphics fidelity as you'd get from a PC -- there are more jaggy edges and fewer details -- they're good enough to make for convincing virtual experiences. So. Many. Games. That's the PlayStation VR's big draw over the competition. While the Rift and the Vive offered a handful of titles at launch, they didn't have much support from major publishers, and there's still a disappointing lack of quality titles on their platforms. The PS VR, on the other hand, is launching with more than 30 titles, with another 20 or so to come by the end of the year, according to Sony. And they're not all just small titles from indie devs either.

Cover image from Engadget.

Techradar: The promised land for virtual reality on consoles

PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR. Many of the experiences aren't as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive PC gaming rig, I'm not complaining.

Sony is promising 50 new titles on the platform before the end of the year, some of which will be made by Sony's extremely competent first-party studios. (The first of them, PlayStation VR Worlds, is absolutely incredible – you'll go from being put in a shark cage to holding up a bank and end by careening downhill on your back, dodging cars while going faster than the bobsled team in Cool Runnings.)

Kotaku Review - Sony’s Island of Misfit Toys.

Let’s cut to the chase: PlayStation VR should be better. At its best, Sony’s new virtual reality headset manages to conjure the astonishing, immersive wonder of modern virtual reality. Just as often it is frustratingly held back by outdated hardware that can’t quite do what’s being asked of it.

The upcoming PS4 Pro will offer significantly more processing power than the current PS4, which Sony says will allow VR games to potentially run at higher, more consistent frame-rates. We’ll certainly report back on how the PS4 Pro does with the current slate of PSVR games, but all the GPU horsepower in the world can’t make the Move and the PlayStation camera any less outdated. PlayStation VR is inferior to the competition in several significant ways. It’s also less expensive and easier to use, and for all its flaws it still manages to communicate the goofy, surreal joy of modern virtual reality. Time will tell if that makes it good enough. Best to wait and see

IGN: PSVR Review

It can't quite match the quality of its more expensive rivals, but Sony's headset brings affordable VR to your livingroom.

Cheaper almost always comes with a “you get what you pay for” caveat, and the PlayStation VR is no exception. But the impact of those differences is less than I’d expected when it comes to what happens when you put the headset on. One of the big questions going in was whether the PlayStation 4 had enough horsepower to run games at the 90-frames-per-second rate that VR demands in order to minimize nausea. So far it has kept up admirably, with no significant frame rate dips in any of the games I’ve tried. Should you run out and buy one? That depends. The technology is astonishing but still in its infancy, and VR games that rival current console blockbusters are a long way off, so it won’t be as immediately useful as you might expect for a $400 to $500 price.

Trusted Reviews: PlayStation VR review 

PlayStation VR is simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now. It’s cheap while not compromising on performance and quality. The headset is simply stunning and incredibly comfortable to wear, and the games already available are some of the best VR experiences I’ve ever played.

The only minor irks are its dedicated power supply which needs to be unplugged to fully power down and the lack of enough USB ports on the console to charge all your controllers. Other than that, this is simply an astounding feat of engineering. I have no idea how Sony has pulled it off, but my word I’m glad they have.

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