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rAge kicks off in just under three days; so grab a friend, and prepare to be blown away as this year might be the best rAge yet. There is an overwhelming amount of things to do, see and win, so to make it easier for you to navigate through all the awesomeness we compiled a video with some of the most notable highlights.We'll also update the article with any rAge 2016 breaking news stories, or need to know info.

First things first - remember to dress comfortably, wear shoes that's made for walking, and make sure you stay hydrated. 

rAge 2016 - Top 5 Things You Don't Want To Miss

  1. Cosplay, cosplay everywhere: Always a highlight for the GameZone team, and this year, madeyoulook (MYL) will once again deliver a sexy Cosplay video. Although we'll cover some of the action from the Cosplay competition, our focus will again be on the awesome "Crazy Ones" strutting their stuff.
  2. PlayStation VR: Making its debut appearance in South Africa, and you can get some hands-on time with a selection of VR titles. Our MYL video team will be right there to catch some footage of those VR reactions! Don't forget that PlayStation South Africa is giving away a PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro, and that's the only reason you need to attend rAge (not that a gamer needs a reason).
  3. eSports: The list of competitions are longer than it has a right to be ;) and if you're not competing, then we hope you go check it out to show your support. My personal highlight is the Kwesé Sports inaugural FIFA 17 tournament with its R100k cash prize pool. Don't forget that anyone can win the Xbox One/ FIFA 17 prize - you don't have to compete in the competition.
  4. Local is lekker: Don't you dare walk past that home_coded! You stop, give your best smile, shake hands, and show some real interest in your local game developer projects.
  5. Buy a memento: I still have the T-shirt I bought the last time I visited rAge, and this year there will be even more cool stuff to buy. You might even get some much-needed gaming hardware on special.

There are exactly 105 exhibitors listed on the official rAge website. That's a whole lot of things to see, but it doesn't trump the best thing at any rAge event.

Meeting friends. Old, new, or even those you've only met online. Make some time to meet and greet, and don't forget to say thank you to the NAG/rAge team. It's extremely hard work to set up events like rAge, and it's always nice to hear appreciation.

Lastly, the MYL team will be all over rAge; so if you happen to land in front of their video camera, then smile and wave - you're at Africa's biggest geek and games party. You have one hour left to enter our rAge ticket giveaway!

rAge Logo credit: rAge Expo Facebook

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