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Broforce developer moves to tropical paradise for three months

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South African indie developer Free Lives unleashed global freedom with the full release of Broforce almost one year ago. The Brotastic platformer was a massive success on Steam Early Access and has racked up extremely positive reviews on Steam.

Over 16,000 user reviews accumulating in an “Overwhelmingly Positive” overall rating. After developing and releasing such a popular “freedom fighting simulator”, the next logical step is of course to move your whole studio to an island paradise…right?

Free Lives recently decided to move their whole office (10 people and a lot of expensive computer equipment) from Cape Town to a remote tropical island in Mauritius. The image above shows Evan Greenwood, the Creative Director of Free Lives, lounging in Mauritius talking about the move.

Mr. Greenwood explains the move in the video embedded below, stating that: “The lease on the office was expiring, so it kinda made sense to go to a tropical paradise and game jam with friends”.

That honestly makes perfect sense to me. What better place to think about games than a beautiful island paradise? Nothing! But that’s not all, Free Lives has decided to document their adventures with a YouTube series aptly entitled “Game Jam Island”: 

“Nearly a year after releasing BROFORCE, follow the Free Lives studio in a documentary series chronicling their latest (stupidest?) antics. They're moving the whole studio to a remote tropical island for 3 months, and inviting some of their international indie dev friends and heroes to come spend some time jamming with them. Will this be a huge waste of money? Or will they make some awesome games? Who knows at this point! Follow Game Jam island to find out!” - Source

Note: The videos below contains some strong language, so viewer discretion is advised. 


Sounds awesome if you ask me, let’s hope some fantastic games come out of the experience. Follow Free Lives on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to stay up-to-date with their latest escapades.

Speaking about fantastic games, you can pick up Broforce on Steam for R159 right now or try out the The Expendabros for free. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences while reviewing both games. I called Broforce “A Brotastic Fight For Freedom” and Expandabros “A free shot of testosterone”.

All the best of luck to Free Lives and I hope you have an amazing time in Mauritius, it might even inspire some new game ideas.

Watch the first Game Jam Island video below and the second one here then tell us what you think about the local indie developer’s antics in the comment section.

Sources: Twitter, Facebook | Main Image Credit: Free Lives video


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"it kinda made sense to go to a tropical paradise"

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