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Predator MGMS Grand Finals Team Profile: Bravado Gaming


In part five of our eight-part series, highlighting the Predator MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) participants (four in Black Ops3 and four in CS:GO), we speak to Bravado Gaming's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) team.

Bravado Gaming kicked off their 2016 season with their first LAN event of the year, the DGL Masters Regionals at the rAge-Expo in Cape Town. The squad managed to claim the first place and their share (R40 000) of the R100 000 prize pool. 

Moving onto the first Predator MGMS qualifier, the Bravado Gaming team was, once again, on top form. The squad, led by their captain, Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali , went through the competition without dropping a single map and thus claimed the first seed leading into the Grand Finals. 

With qualification guaranteed, the Bravado Gaming squad set their sights on other goals, one of which was the ESWC qualification. The event, hosted by Orena at EGE 2016, saw some of the best teams battling against one another for their chance to prove their worth at ESWC Paris. Bravado Gaming managed to secure the first place will play against some of the best teams in the world next month as a result. 

The squad went on to play in the WESG regional qualifiers in Dubai, from which they secured a spot in the Grand Finals in China (which will be played in December).  

Finally, the team went on to win the Evetech Champions League earlier this month, where they walked away with R75 000 in cold hard cash. 

We caught up with the squad who will be competing in the Predator MGMS Grand Finals this weekend, here is what they had to say: 

Ruan 'ELUSIVE' van Wyk  


  • Team Role: Support and Secondary 
  • Started playing CS:GO competitively: 2010 
  • Highlight of your career: Competing at ESWC 2014 in Paris and placing 2nd in Dubai at WESG
  • eSports aspirations: To regularly compete on an international level. 

Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali  


  • Team Role: AWP and in-game leader
  • Started playing CS:GO competitively: 2006
  • Highlight of your career: I like to think I've had a number of highlights I can recall throughout my career. One specifically was my first time overseas for competitive gaming overall when I attended Dreamhack in 2013 for Quakelive, taking a map off the defending champion (Evil from Russia) in a BO3 in the group stages for an opportunity to progress in the tournament, the support from everyone and everyone back at home was out of this world.
  • eSports aspirations: eSports aspirations: Right now, purely succeeding in CS:GO with Bravado. To make a mark on the international stage vs some or any of the worlds best team/s and prove our worth. I would say my initial goal would be to qualify for a major and be recognized as a team worthy of competing in one! 

Follow Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjipaschali  

Ashton 'Golz' Muller 


  • Team Role: Entry Fragger 
  • Started playing CS:GO competitively: I would say in 2009 i started playing comps regularly but i think i only entered the real competitive environment at the top level in 2013, (a while after CS:GO had come out) 
  • Highlight of your career: The highlight of my career locally has been to win the rAge championships in SA but obviously my best is that we managed to get into a grand final at an international qualifying event 
  • eSports aspirations: My eSports aspirations are linear with my life aspirations, be the best I can be 

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Aran 'Sonic' Groesbeek  


  • Team Role: Rifler Started playing 
  • CS:GO competitively: 2014 
  • Highlight of your career: Placing second in Dubai  
  • eSports aspirations: Winning a major 

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Robby 'BlackpoinN' da Loca

Black Poisen.jpg 

  • Team Role: Flank 
  • Started playing CS:GO competitively: 4 years ago (2012)  
  • Highlight of your career: When I got invited FPL 
  • eSports aspirations: To win an international tournament 

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