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EA talks about the changes from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17

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At gamescom, Rob from PlayStation Access had a chat with EA's FIFA Producer, Garreth Reeder, who has been with the franchise since FIFA 12. Reeder talks from his five-year experience with developing FIFA, but more importantly, gathering info from its fans. Therefore, the focus of the interview was on improvements from FIFA 16 to FIFA 17, and how EA went about incorporating those changes into the new game.

Before we look at the interview, herewith new details about the FIFA 17 demo, courtesy of FIFPLAY.

  • To release in September
  • Clubs: Real, Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Olympique Lion, Paris Saint-Germain, Seattle Sounders, UANL Tigres, FC Bayern Munich, Gamba Osaka, Inter Mailand und Juventus.
  • Stadiums: Stamford Bridge, Suita City Football Stadium, and Centurylink Field.

The New FIFA

The most notable changes are regarding gameplay, and how it relates to set pieces. As Reeder explains, FIFA 17 brings a lot of changes, but it's not because it's something EA could do - it's because as a whole it improves gameplay to be a more realistic experience.

One of the biggest changes is, of course, the addition of the new story mode, The Journey. According to Reeder, the new mode was designed with EA wanting " ... the world of football within The Journey reflecting you and what you're doing."

  • Left trigger 360-degree shielding of the ball - Much greater and more realistic control over the ball.
  • Set pieces overhauled - Free kicks, penalties, corners, player intelligence (like "lure" defender with a run to allow teamie to get into a specific space) greatly improved.
  • New attacking techniques -hitting "hard downward shots from a distance," new passing techniques, changes for goalkeepers and lots more.
  • The changes allow players to experience the play style of real life football teams and players with more nuance.
  • Managers a first in FIFA - also adding to the realism aspect of the game, especially for the new cinematic mode.
  • Managers will also feature in the standard game with unique presence around the field.
  • The Journey, another first for FIFA - The new game mode gives a glimpse into the life of a football player - off the pitch.
  • The Journey - EA worked with various FIFA influencers to depict a as real as possible story. 
  • The Journey - Player reactions, responses, and choices will reflect in the story.

Changes to FIFA Ultimate Team

EA revealed two main new features of FIFA 17 Ultimate team:

  1. Squad building challenges - New challenges include "puzzle mode" for example where players must put together a team of "quite complicated chemistry like nations, leagues, and players to get some really good in game rewards." League content will launch soon where players will have to place "the right players into the right clubs, complete all the leagues to get the right club." Then there will be a trading system where players can swap their bronze players for say silver players.
  2. Fight Champions - The new competitive mode in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. The rewards for those at the high-end tiers "will be the biggest we've ever had in FIFA," explains Reeder.

Then there will also be the FUT Championships where you can win $1.3 million....

FIFA 17 releases on 29 September for PS4/3, Xbox One/360 and PC, please note that "Not all features are available on all console versions," FIFA official.

More about FIFA 17

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"The Journey reflecting you and what you're doing"

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