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5 No Man's Sky Mods Every Space Explorer Needs

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If only No Man's Sky really looked as good as shown in the above image - 4K Screenshots by Nvidia ...

No Man’s Sky (NMS) has been available to PC users for less than a week and already gamers have taken it upon themselves to mod the game, despite NMS not having official mod support. There is a huge list of mods currently available, but we have whittled it down to our five favourites, which get rid of some of  the annoying problems in NMS. 

1. Remove hold to confirm

One of the most frustrating aspects of NMS is the constant need to hold down the confirm button in order to get seemingly anything done. The problem has caused so much frustration among the certain users that a Reddit post has been created, in which one user, Minitell, states, “This [click to confirm] has got to be removed, by far the most annoying thing in the game.” 

Enter ‘Fast Actions’ by Shadwar, whose responsible for bringing us the mod which allows users to simply click to confirm their actions. 

You can watch it in a YouTube video below, which also gives you a basic installation guide for the mod.

2. Super Hyperdrive 

After spending a large amount of time in NMS you may begin to find that you are essentially repeating what you have been doing in the past, turning the game into a bit of a grind. As you slave your way through some of the more repetitive tasks, you can be forgiven for wanting to speed things up a notch. 

Here is where Super Hyperdrive comes into play. The mod from Atomicinf upgrades all hyperdrive values by 1,000 which vastly boosts your capability to get around the Galaxy at a faster pace. 

3. Toggle Heads up display (HUD) on and off 

It’s rather strange that NMS didn’t have this feature packed into the game from the get go. The ability to toggle the HUD on and off comes from Ant2888

The mod does exactly what you expect and at a flick of a button (F5) users can turn their HUD on or off. Whether you are trying to get a glorious screenshot, or capture yourself flying around the NMS Galaxy, this one is for you.

4. Disable Shadow to boost performance

The ability to disable shadows in No Man's Sky has been made possible thanks to VelocityRa, who released the mod titled, 'No Shadows', yesterday. 

The mod does exactly what you would expect, it simply disables terrain and cloud shadows, for increased performance. 

One user on reported that he has seen a performance gain of 5 to 15 frames per second, depending on the planet. 

You can see exactly how the mod works and the easy way to install it below: 

5. Instagram filter remover 

If you don’t like the old TV or video filter colour correction that is on NMS, then this mod is for you. 

Created by user DrogeanX, the Instagram filter remover takes the generic colour correction overlay and removes it entirely. The No Man's Sky universe will start to look a lot less like your little cousins Instagram page and a lot more like the real world. 

You can check out a video below on what the filter changes in No Man's Sky.

The above list was sourced from the most popular downloaded mods, via

Are there any other mods out there that you think should make the list? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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