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PS4 Update 4.00 will bring a UI nip and tuck


The PlayStation 4 is getting a bit of a facelift. Well, not the console itself, but the dashboard and user interface at least. This PS4 update (codenamed ‘Shingen’ and numbered 4.00) promises a new Quick Menu option, folders and offline Trophies, along with more.

The first users to experience this new look will be those that are part of the public beta program, but along with the features available in the beta, there are more features promised when the update gets a full rollout.

Refining the UI

The PS4 UI has always been a little familiar since the PS3 came into our lives, and with the new update there will be “a lot of adjustments and improvements” but ultimately it will still feel and look the same as you know but just with a “fresh coat of paint.”

Many of the changes will be background changes and most likely go unnoticed and will include “new system backgrounds and a revised What’s New tab,” with some additional smaller changes like “updated popup notifications and redesigned system icons.”


Organise your (gaming) life

As part of the UI refinement, you will be able to enjoy more organisation of your content. This will be by way of folders and an update to the Library.

You will be able to create folders that can be used to slot together all your favourite games or even set up a folder for your favourite sports games, racing games and favourite game starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. It is sure to bring out the ‘declutterer’ in you…

The Library will also be getting more organised. New sorting tools with the ability to search “for specific games and apps via text input,” as well as the addition of a new ‘Purchased’ tab. The tab will “show all of the content you own” (including games, applications, demos, and betas) resulting in the Games and Applications tabs being more focused on currently installed content on your console.

All in all this will “help de-clutter your library, and make it faster to find the content you’re looking for.”

The User Profile is also getting an update and will offer more information “at-a-glance.” You will now be able to view your relative Trophy progress with another player from their profile, while being able to add a background image to your own profile.


Quick (Share the) Menu

Two new overhauls that should really appeal to gamers are those of the Quick Menu and its Share Menu equivalent.

The Quick Menu (accessed by pressing and holding the PS button on your controller) will now be “faster and easier to use.” What’s more important is that when accessing the Quick Menu now, the game is not entirely left and the menu only covers part of the screen.

A number of new items have been added to the Quick Menu too, including seeing your friend’s online status, along with shortcuts offering access to your Party, Favourite Groups, Communities, and more. If you would prefer not to see any of those (or selected items only), the Quick Menu can be customised by adding or removing the wanted or unwanted items.

The Share Menu will also only cover a portion of the screen after the update with video clips being uploaded to Twitter now being up to 140 seconds long, rather than the previous 10 second limit. The updated Share menu will also “save the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots to, making the process of sharing a screenshot or video a bit faster and more streamlined.”

The Trophy goes too…

Possibly the one update most Trophy hunters are most excited for is the ability to view your complete Trophy list even when offline.

On top of that – and should you want to – you will be able to view the content of a Hidden Trophy. While the default option will still hide the Trophy, you can opt to reveal the Trophy name and info.

The final change for the Trophy list is that the icons showing the Trophy rarity will become a pyramid-like icon with the ultra-rare Trophies taking their pride of place right at the top.

For now, that is all that has been revealed, but additional information – as well as the update’s launch date – will be announced in “the coming weeks.”

This update looks set to at least make the PS4 even more user-friendly but some gamers may very well be expecting more than what is just a facelift. What would you like to see brought to the PlayStation 4 in the next (or future) update? Let us know in the comments below.

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