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Hacker group vows to keep on targeting Pokémon GO

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The Pokémon GO servers were down most of the weekend, and in the South African Pokémon GO Facebook group, I saw hundreds of players complaining about the server downtime. The downtime was mostly attributed to overloaded servers because of the game's massive popularity or to the fact that the game isn’t officially released in South Africa yet.

According to reports, no one could play the game because the game’s servers where being hit by Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from a hacking group called PoodleCorp. The group claimed responsibility this weekend, but that’s not all. If PoodleCorp claims about taking down the Pokémon GO servers are to be believed, the servers will go down again in two weeks.

PoodleCorp speaks about the recent hack

YouTube channel Drama Alert interviewed a PoodleCorp representative, Axo-0, after their Pokémon GO server hack and asked why they do what they do. Axo-0 explained: “Because we can, chaos is entertainment. We like to piss people off because we can.”

When asked if it is true that the group hacked the Pokémon GO servers, Axo-0 confirmed that they did hack the servers and did it “just for fun”. According to Axo-0, PoodleCorp is like a hacking “super-group” with members from Lizard Squad and solo hackers all joining together for “fun this summer”.

Drama Alert asked Axo-0 why people should believe PoodleCorp’s claims of taking down the Pokémon GO servers and how the hacking group could prove it was them. Well, if Axo-0 is to be believed, there is some more bad news for Pokémon GO players. Axo-0 said that the group will take down all the Pokémon GO servers for 24 hours on 1 August 2016 to prove that they were responsible for the server downtime this weekend and show that they can do it again.

Finally, Axo-0 had a message for Pokémon GO who don’t want the servers to go down again: “Find something else to do, cause if that is all you have to do you need a life”.

When you can’t connect to the to the game’s servers, you can check out DownDetector to see if other players are having the same issue, find out if the servers are down as well as other useful information such as which time players are reporting the most issues.

Watch the interview with PoodleCorp below then tell us what you think about the server downtime and PoodleCorp’s claims.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube Interview

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"take down all the Pokémon GO servers for 24 hours"

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