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5 Shocking Pokémon GO Stories

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Pokémon GO has become immensely popular since its initial release last week, managing to almost surpass Twitter in daily active users on android according to Forbes. The popularity has resulted in some rather shocking stories as gamers take to the streets in search of Pokémon. Below you will be able to find some of the most bizarre stories that have resulted directly or indirectly from Pokémon GO

1. Live Streamer witnesses a dead body dumping

Alex Ramirez has found himself in one of the most horrifying situations over the weekend when he reportedly witnessed a man dumping a female body behind a church over the weekend. 

The part-time Uber driver, who live streams Pokémon GO when he is not giving lifts to customers.

During his broadcast of Pokémon GO, at 1am in the morning, Alex showed up to a Pokémon GO stop, located at a Church. In a search for more digital items, Alex pulled into the street next to the Church where he noticed a van parked outside. Thinking that it was another Pokémon GO enthusiast, Alex excitedly drove further in to investigate. What he stumbled into was a scene straight out of a horror movie as he reportedly saw a man dumping a dead female behind the Church. 

Not one to stand by and investigate, Alex hurriedly turned around and drove away from the location. He got hold of a 911 operator to report the incident. Shortly after, the stream ended. Since there was no camera to display what he saw, many of the live stream viewers thought that he was faking the incident. 

In  a recent live stream, Alex addresses some of the concerns of his viewers, where he states that he “can’t go into detail about what happened at the church, but it is true what I [he] saw.” 

After speaking to the police, Alex found out that some viewers of the live stream had been falsely been reporting that he had hit someone with his car and also had stopped on the highway to catch Pokémon. What is worse is that some of the viewers had been reporting him directly to Uber, with false accusations. What has resulted is that Alex can no longer log onto Uber, which means he cannot earn income for his family. 

A GoFundme page has since been put up on his behalf, which has raised over $4,500 at the time of writing. 

Source- DramaAlert 

2. Man’s house becomes a Pokémon Go gym

Boon Sheridan currently lives at an old church, which has been categorized as a Gym on the Pokémon Go application. What has resulted is that Sheridan has had to put up with Pokémon GO enthusiast showing up to his residence at all hours of the day. 

Sheridan posted on Twitter stating: “11:20 and people are still driving up and idling for 5-10 minutes while they train.” 

According to Boon Sheridan, the constant flow of people into the area could result in some real world problems. He points out that it could lead to the value of his house going down, and arouse issues with his neighbours. 

The strange behaviour of people coming in and out of the area at all times of the day could lead to people speculating that drug dealing or another crime was happening there. 

Sheridan points out an important issue, in raising the question: “Do I even have rights when it comes to a virtual location imposed on me? Businesses have expectations, but this is my home.” 

As a result of the constant flow of people at all hours of the day, Sheridan is looking for a way to get his house removed as a gym from the location. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t possible to have your own house removed from Pokémon GO. Developers Niantic only allows people to report locations if they present “immediate physical danger”, and makes clear that requests to have them removed “for other reasons cannot be addressed at this time”.

Source -

3. Pokémon GO Players Accidentally Get Exercise

Pokémon GO has been highly encouraging to users to get outside in order to beef up their collection of digital creatures. What has resulted is that users of the augmented reality game have been finding themselves getting more exercise than they bargained for. 

Gizmodo is to thank for putting the list together of some Twitter users who have been on the receiving end of leg pain after their arduous Pokémon GO sessions. Here are some of our favourites: 


4. Pokémon GO used to lure victims 

Police in O’Fallon Missouri, United States, believe that four suspects used Pokémon GO to set up a string of armed robberies over the past few days. 

The suspects, which are in custody, reportedly robbed 11 teenagers at gunpoint. As a result of the alleged crimes committed, the police department sent out a warning on their Facebook page, stating: 

“Many of you have heard of Pokémon GO, but for those that have not, it is a type of Geo Caching game where you find and capture Pokémon characters at various locations. If you use this app (or other similar type apps) or have children that do we ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location.

Many of you have asked how the app was used to rob victims, the way we believe it was used is you can add a beacon to a Pokestop to lure more players. Apparently, they were using the app to locate people standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in.” 

Source – Polygon

5. Teen discovers body in river searching for water Pokémon 

In rural Wyoming, United States, a teenage discovered a dead man’s body in a river. 

Shayla Wiggins, 19, told CNNMoney on Saturday that she was playing the brand new Pokémon Go game. She said, “I was trying to get a water Pokémon”. She had spotted two deer near the water, but no Pokemon, so she walked down the rocky river bank. She didn’t immediately notice a man’s body lying face down in the water six feet to her left. 

“I guess I was only paying attention to my phone and where I was walking,” she said. When she noticed the body, Wiggins called the police and led them to the scene.  

Do you have any Pokémon Go stories to share with us? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us on Facebook or Twitter. 

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