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Steam Summer Sale: Top 10 Games Every PC Gamer Should Buy

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There is only one week left in PC gaming's biggest annual sale. Steam offers over 12 000 games on sale, with discounts ranging from 20% right up to 80%. Some PC gamers wait for the Steam Summer Sale (SSS) to make those coveted game purchases, but with so many games on offer it could become a tricky thing. So, to help you decide we'll be running a few articles that will cover different sections; like the best horror games, Indies games and lots more. You might also want to check out our "Five essential tips for the Steam Summer Sale."

We worked through 50 Steam Summer Sale pages, to select our top 10 games every PC gamer should play. We've either reviewed the games or covered it extensively on GameZone.

Please note, prices reflected as at the time of writing. In no particular order - except for number one, which is our overall pick from the whole Steam Summer Sale, and number ten, which is ... unusual.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • SSS Discount: 50%
  • SSS Price: R249

Just last week we reviewed Blood and Wine, the final chapter in Geralt of Rivia's Witcher adventure. We didn't think that it was possible for the developer, CD Projekt Red to improve on something that was already, almost perfect, but they did, and so the end surpassed the beginning.he end surpassed the beginning.

"Blood and Wine is a stunning end to a stunning game. I've been playing The Witcher 3 basically none-stop since last year and I'm nowhere near complete. Blood and Wine on its own would be remarkable and, indeed, a Game of the Year contender. That it's “merely” an expansion says a lot about CD Projekt Red and the quality of their creations."

He didn't joke when he said he "couldn't say goodbye" to Witcher 3! If you buy only one game on the sale, let it be this one.

2. DOOM 2016

  • SSS Discount: 40%
  • SSS Price: R479

Multiplayer: DOOM's multiplayer isn’t perfect, but raising hell in a MP match hasn’t been this fun in a long time.

Single-player: Doom is a fantastic, furious, ferocious experience. More surprising is how forward-thinking it is in a number of areas, despite “old-school” designs and its focus on violence.

3. Fallout 4

  • SSS Discount: 50%
  • SSS Price: R399

There are many reasons to play Fallout 4:

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • SSS Discount: 30%
  • SSS Price: R251

With The Phantom Pain, Kojima San left us with a "The Greatest Soldier of the 21st Century. 10/10 IGN" and simply put, a masterpiece. According to our reviewer, one of the most outstanding features of the game is the progression system. Talking about our reviewer, TPP was reviewed by Tauriq Moosa, who also reviewed Witcher 3. So, if you've read the previous section, then you'll understand why the following indicates why you have to play the game.

"It’s no secret I’m in love with The Phantom Pain. It’s a contender for Game of the Year for me, thus far - fighting with The Witcher 3. I’m nowhere near finished the main campaign. There is a lot to do and, even now, I can see ample room for replay. But what has me fascinated is how they’ve implemented a progression system."

5. Oxenfree

  • SSS Discount: 50%
  • SSS Price: R109

From our review "Terrifying and wonderful - The Epitome of a Silent Hills type experience":

"Oxenfree has one of my favourite stories I’ve encountered in games and to even describe vaguely what occurs after the kids reach the island would spoil it; there are different outcomes (there’s a rating system, similar to The Walking Dead, showing how many others made the same choices you did); there is character development and fallout.

Not only does it contain one of the best stories - remaining mysterious all the way through - but it’s well-written, beautiful to look at, terrifying and wonderful to listen to, and slots perfectly into the recent young adult-themed adventure games that appear to be making heavy strides (Until Dawn, Life is Strange, etc.)."

6.  Life Is Strange Complete Season

  • SSS Discount: 50%
  • SSS Price: R109

From our review op episodes 1-5: "A Story Worth Playing"

"Life is Strange is both about a single moment and all. It is an example of how we can use game mechanics to tell stories. We learn so much from interacting with the people and environment by playing, even if you are given minimal kinds of interaction. This is an experience definitely worth paying for, telling stories in ways we rarely get. We get to experience stories of genuine love and friendship - tied together by some boring villainy- even though the game is, itself, very dark."

7. Wolfenstein: The New Order

  • SSS Discount: 50%
  • SSS Price: R294

From our review "Sweet Carnival of Horror":

"From the first moments of the game, Blazkowicz loudly whispers his thoughts, undermining the strong, silent player character we’re used to. Brian Bloom’s delivery, here, is one of the reasons this game is a masterpiece. There’s a maturity to this game that perhaps younger gamers will miss. But for those tired of modern gritty-shooter tropes, nostalgic for traditional FPS, and looking for some kind of respect for gamers, The New Order delivers. I expected this game to be a generic shooter. I was long bored of shooting Nazis. But Machine Games slapped me in the face with quality and said “Continue?”. This is a sad, frustrating, beautiful, brilliant game.

This is the benchmark for modern shooters."

8. The Walking Dead

I recommend you purchase the entire series.

  • SSS Season 1: Discount: 75%
  • SSS Price Season 1: R67

Never has a video game had such a deep impact on me as The Walking Dead (S1). Here's why from my review of episodoes 3/4, "A fate worse than death"

"I faced a fate worse than death. I faced it over and over again: the horrific decisions you have to make, the violation of your emotions because of the situations you have to endure and then the final blow ...

The game tapped into my inner dialogue by tearing out my heart and forcing me to re-examine my innermost thoughts on many things including mercy killing, friendship, suicide, love, survival, parenting and violence: the list is almost endless. Somewhere between Lilly shooting and murdering the wrong person, my most trusted survivor and me having to shoot little Duck because he becomes infected, I get rid of Lee and play the game as myself.

Moment to moment experiences influenced by your decisions change this game from being just entertainment to a profound inner journey."

9. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • SSS Season 1: Discount: 75%
  • SSS Price Season 1: R122

From our review: "Bright masterpiece is blinding"

"One of the most beautiful games I’ve experienced: the landscape, the animations, the fluidity. You kill things in elegant ways: whether through strategic use of your powers or through Talion’s actual fighting. The animations are fluid and beautiful; once you learn how to initiate executions, once you level up to have instant domination on the battlefield (beat an Orc up then instantly make him or someone close into a follower), your battles become enjoyable and unpredictable.It's not only one of the best games I’ve played this year, but one of the best I’ve played in my life.

I love seeing a new idea take root and bloom so beautifully. I can’t wait to return to Mordor."

10. Black Mesa

  • SSS Discount: 60%
  • SSS Price: R87.60

I played the free Legacy Edition - I know it's old, and ugly, and not Half-Life 3, but the final version is so worth its R87. I played Black Mesa in 2009, and for me, it was "The Perfect Game."

"It is a testament to the ingenuity, challenge and thrill that marks the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. It defiantly mocks present day AAA shooters with its outdated graphics, while delivering a game that is for lack of a better description, in a class of its own.

One of the most notable achievements of the remake is that the facility comes to life. As you walk through it, you genuinely get the sense that the place was filled with a bustle of activities, secret experiments and a variety of people. It’s as if the communal life of the workforce seeped into the walls itself. Each section you have to navigate through on your way to the surface holds its own secrets, challenges and history. The remake also beautifully captures the different environmental changes in each section as it was affected by the incident."

There are no recent videos of the final Black Mesa, but here's an HD trailer from the Legacy Edition.


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