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Meet the world’s greatest internet troll


Ken M wasn’t nominated for the world’s greatest troll or received the award after being pitted against his competitors. No, Ken M’s trolling “achievements” and legion of followers speak to the impact his troll comments have had on the internet; or maybe, just maybe, the reason he calls himself the world’s greatest troll is to troll the real champion.

Whatever the case may be, Ken M spoke to Vox (which you can view at the end of this article) where he explains the art of trolling and why he continues to do what he does so well.

Successful troll is successful

Ken M calls trolling “bringing a banana to a gun fight”. Let that sink in for a while before reading further. Ken M uses anonymity and bait people into a conversation by making outlandishly stupid comments. However, those aforementioned comments look so genuine that a lot of people have fallen into his trap, replying to him as if they thought he was serious.

Ken M’s trolling success is widespread, all because of comments he leaves sites such as Yahoo, Huffington Post, ABC News or just about any other online news outlet, you might have come across Ken M, who poses as a "good-hearted, super confident moron". Through his efforts, he has built up a following of 41,600 people on Twitter, 171,500 on Reddit and 54,968 on Facebook.

At first, Ken M engaged with his fans frequently, but he stopped responding when Reddit page started trending. Ken M notes that: “Fandom is a little weird. I was uncomfortable. I think most people are uncomfortable with earnest compliments. These kids think I’m famous. I wasn’t trying to be a big mystery.”

According to Mr. Ken M, it all happened very naturally and organically. Ken M was his username on Yahoo. At first, he tried to comment and discuss news pieces with fellow readers, but soon realized that there was no rational, intelligent conversation to be had. So he threw fuel into the comment section fire and tried to be as irrational as possible. However, Ken M explains that it is “not about highlighting how nasty people are so much as I find it to be very funny dynamic; the innocent idiot nice guy versus the unnecessarily hostile #$$@%.” He finds and spreads humor in “our tragic internet.

So why does he troll under the now-famous Ken M personality? Well, Ken M just wants to make you laugh and make some of the toxic comment sections a little more bearable: “If I’m going to be pompous about it, it’s an art. But I do other art. What I do is turn a toxic space into a source of belly laughter, so it’s not gross anymore. That’s what I do.”  

Ken M has been unmasked. I think it is better to keep his real identify secret, just like for most other superheroes. However, if you would like to know who Ken M is, find out by reading the report on CBC radio.

Remember, please don’t feed the internet trolls. Except for Ken M; he is the hero the internet needs, but not what it deserves. Watch the Vox video with Ken M including his greatest trolling hits below and tell us about your experience with (or as) an internet troll.

Source: Vox | Main Image Credit: MemesVault

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