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The Division update again erases some characters

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Another The Division update, another set of bugs.

As with the previous update, Conflict again erases some Agents from the game. It's not yet clear if the issue only relates to Xbox One accounts as it did with the previous update. Shortly after Conflict's release yesterday, players posted about their MIA characters on The Division's forum, as well as on Reddit:

"All my characters have gone from my account after the update guys. Two levels 30+ [gear level 215 and 211] characters with numerous gear sets and spare pieces, and two low level characters used as storage for gear pieces. Hope it gets resolved, I've submitted a ticket and tried live chat but there are no support staff to talk to. Anyone else having this problem ?"

It turned out quite a few players had the same issue, luckily it got a quick response from the Community Manager, Natchai_Ubisoft:

"Hey, our team is aware of the issue. Can you please let us know your usernames asap so we can investigate? Thanks!"

I don't know if it's a good idea to post your username in a public form, you might see more than just your character go missing. There has been no further news from Ubisoft about the MIA Agents. Have you experienced any issues after update 1.2?

Maybe we should all just play Overwatch ;).

News via LG.

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