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Will Agents return to The Division with the free Conflict update?

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Things have not been going well in The Division's Manhattan, and even worse in the Dark Zone. Agents have been deserting the city by the scores due to things like poorly executed updates, glitches, exploits and cheaters. Players have also not been enjoying the first free update, Falcon Lost, as much as hoped, perhaps because of the aforementioned issues. The second, and last free update, Conflict, releases on May 24th. Will you return to the conflicted streets of Manhattan?

Let's take a look at the Conflict it presents.

The Division: Conflict Update

  • New Incursion in Columbus Circle: Clear Sky challenges four-agents teams to combat Rikers and retake a formerly LMB-controlled anti-air missile site
  • Clear Sky hard mode rewards: High End items with a 204 gear score, Gear Set items with a 214 gear score
  • Clear Sky challenge mode rewards: High End items with a 204 gear score, Gear Set items with a 240 gear score
  • Search and Destroy missions: Complimentary mission before you play HVT that you'll find in Safe Houses
  • High-value targets (HVT): Special missions where you'll have a limited amount of time and only one chance to take down HVT
  • Hijack loot: Feature coming to the Dark Zone where players can hijack your loot - you'll turn Rogue
  • New gear - Four gear sets to compliment your playstyle
  • New high-end loot drops
  • New high-level Dark Zone bracket
  • New high-end weapons
  • Mystery items: Sealed caches loot drops from named targets in The Dark Zone, must be extracted

Souce: Ubiblog

Are you still playing The Division, or have you moved on to a new adventure? It would be a loss of players don't even try out the Challenge update. Check the release trailer below for a quick look at Update 1.2.

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