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Battlefield 1: New single-player and mutliplayer details leaked

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Since the teaser trailer and subsequent reveal of Battlefield1, new leaked information has revealed the amount of episodes in the single-player campaign, multiplayer details and more. As always, before the information is confirmed by the developer EA DICE, you should take the information with a grain of salt.

Please note that the leaked achievements in this article contain spoilers pertaining to the single-player’s story episode names.

Single-player length and code books

Reddit user txt231 has leaked a “full list” of the game’s achievements from the developer version of the game, which shows that there are six episodes in the single-player campaign. Further, it looks like players will be able to find “code books” in the single-player campaign. These code books will very likely further some story elements and judging by the achievements, some might be hard to find.

  • All code books - Find all code books
  • One code book - Find one code book
  • Episode 1, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in Friends in high places
  • Episode 2, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in Nothing is written
  • Episode 3, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in Through mud and blood
  • Episode 4, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in Avanti Savoia!
  • Episode 5, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in The Runner
  • Episode 6, 100% - Unlock all codex entries in Epilogue
  • Episode 1 - Complete Friends in high places
  • Episode 2 - Complete Nothing is written
  • Episode 3 - Complete Through mud and blood
  • Episode 4 - Complete Avanti Savoia!
  • Episode 5 - Complete The Runner
  • Episode 6 - Complete Epilogue

Due to the achievements apparently being from the developer version, the list might not be finalized yet. However, on txt231’s Twitter Account, he / she did leak that Battlefield 1 will have six episodes before the game was even officially revealed, also being spot on with what the game would be called and that it does take place in World War 1:

“Final Leak before official one: Game is called Battlefield 1 and from what I know it is likely set in ww1. The single player has 6 episodes.” - Source

Judging by how accurate txt231’s information has been prior to the game’s announcement, he / she is likely an insider leaking details about the game.

Multiplayer - Missions, weapon purchases and Operations

The leaked achievements show that there are class specific missions, which coincides with an earlier tweet from txt231. Further, the “War Bonds” achievement, if the leak is to be believed, is an excellent addition to the game. It will very likely be similar to that of Battlefield: Hardline, where you can earn a currency to purchase a weapon. The system in Hardline allows players to unlock a weapon of their choosing early on so they don’t have to make it all the way through the deep progression system before they get a nice weapon to kill their enemies with.

  • Play the Objective - As a Squad Leader, complete 1 objective in multiplayer
  • Assault Enlistment - Complete all Assault Missions in multiplayer
  • Medic Enlistment - Complete all Medic Missions in multiplayer
  • Scout Enlistment - Complete all Scout Missions in multiplayer
  • Support Enlistment - Complete all Support Missions in multiplayer
  • Decorated - Receive a Medal in multiplayer
  • Corporal - Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer
  • Counter-sniper - Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Recon player in multiplayer
  • Operations - Win 1 Operation in multiplayer
  • War Bonds - Purchase a primary weapon in multiplayer

The class specific missions will likely give you additional XP or currency when completed. Further, you can see that there will be “Operations” in multiplayer. It is still unknown what an Operation will entail; it could very well be a new game mode.


At the time of writing, it is unclear where the achievements listed below fit in. However, judging by past Battlefield games, these achievements should unlock in both single and multiplayer.

  • Skill event 1
  • Skill event 2
  • Skill event 3
  • Skill event 4
  • Skill event 5
  • All challenges - Complete all challenges
  • One challenge - Complete one challenge

It is unclear what the “Skill Events” actually are. However, it is very likely that a “Skill Event” will be coupled to a specific class, for example reviving an enemy as a Medic or marking an enemy player as the Recon class. Further, challenges will likely span across both single-player and multiplayer if you look at past games in the franchise.

Possible free MP maps

On the game’s Origin page, one of the bonuses for pre-ordering the game shows “Pre-order bonus: Seven-day early access to a free map drop” for both the Standard and Digital Deluxe versions of the game. Therefore, it is very likely that the developer will release at least one multiplayer map sometime after the game’s launch.

Battlefield 1 will release on 21 October 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Find out about the game’s editions, how much they will cost, early access and how you can join the beta program and much more in my colleague Han Cilliers’ detailed article.  

Do you think the Single-player campaign will be big enough with only six missions? Did you enjoy the weapon purchasing mechanic in BF: Hardline? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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