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Professional CS: GO streamer flanked by Windows 10 update

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One week ago a live weather broadcast was interrupted by Microsoft's latest Operating System (OS)'s insatiable upgrade push. Now a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) stream from professional player turned full-time streamer, Erik Flom, was interrupted by a Windows 10 automatic update. It looks like no one is safe from Windows 10.

Mr. Flom has over 130,000 followers and the stream has been watched by 118,629 people so far. While he was playing a very tight match (his team was behind but making a comeback), Windows 10 decided it is time to install some updates.

Mr. Flom screamed at his PC: “What. What!? How did this happen! #$%& you Windows 10!” “Oh my God! You had one job PC. We turned off everything. Update faster you %&*$!”

As the Windows 10 update was nearing completion, it looked like Mr. Flom could go back to streaming and finish his match. Unfortunately, his hopes where quickly crushed by a second update installation countdown.

The whole incident was recorded through a video capture system, which remained operational while Mr. Flom’s gaming PC was updating. Mr. Flom did claim that he turned all updates off, so the update really shouldn’t have happened.

It’s important to note that full-time streamers like Mr. Flom are “Partners” and make money from their streams. The streamers earn a share of the revenue generated from all broadcasts on your channel via advertisements and people can also subscribe to their channel for $4.99 (R74.18) which have the following benefits:

  • Custom Chat Badges
  • Custom Emoticons
  • Access to Subscriber-Only Chat
  • Exclusion from Slow Mode
  • Unrestricted Access to Broadcast Archives
  • Unrestricted Access to Video Quality

Therefore, an incident such as this could potentially effect a streamer’s income. It is not impossible that Mr. Flom forgot to turn off a specific setting that allowed Windows 10 to update. Even so, the OS shouldn’t just start updating and restarting a system without user permission.

You can find the incident captured on OddShot. Alternatively, forward to 8:54:40 on the archived stream to watch the incident unfold. The video does contain strong language from the streamer and in the recorded chat to the right side, you’ve been warned.

Has a Windows 10 update ruined a gaming or spectating session for you? Tell us about your experience gaming on Windows 10 in the comment section below.

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