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kykNET Binnelanders apologizes for naughty CS: GO nicknames


Binnelanders is a soap that airs on Afrikaans channel kykNET (channel 144 on DStv). The soap is always family-friendly, until Monday night’s episode. The episode featured some naughty words that slipped past everyone involved.Two of the characters in Binnelanders were playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) under offensive nicknames “Power P%&#$” and “Power V%&*#@”. MWEB is serious about said naughty words, so you can check it our here and here.

The production company Stark Films’ final episode controllers did not notice the problem, nor did the quality check controllers at M-Net. The Binnelanders show apologized for the “unacceptable material” featured in the show’s Monday episode on their Facebook page. Further, the show assured their Facebook followers that an incident like this will never occur again.

According to Channel 24, Stark Films’s states:

"We sincerely apologise for the unacceptable visuals. It was added at a very late stage during the compilation of the episode and the words on screen slipped past all our quality assurance processes. Not that it's an excuse – we ourselves are extremely upset that it could have happened." - Source

I’m sure that’s not even close to the worst names you’ve seen in online gaming, or CS: GO for that matter. As gamers we are used to seeing nicknames like that, but not everyone is desensitized to naughty words. Small children who do not even know the meaning of the words could have been watching. A family soap is suppose to be a safe place for any age group. It shouldn't be a place where children can pick up naughty words; that's what online gaming is for.

Do you watch Binnelanders and what do you think about the whole incident? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Binnelanders Facebook, Channel 24, gasp image credit

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