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Infinity Ward talks Call of Duty 2016

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According to Gaming Respawn Activision filed two trademarks for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Yesterday Activision released two teasers, Know Your Enemy and We can still fight back! If you follow the link in the second teaser (Go to:, you'll find the Facebook Messenger page for the new Call of Duty. The above image is the cover page for said page. Infinity Ward also released a YouTube video titled, "Behind the Scenes 2016 - Call of Duty® Heritage," that shares their most memorable moments from Call of Duty as well as their plans for 2016's title.

Infinity Ward talks Call of Duty

"Fast, silky smooth controls, tense, adrenaline rush, super-realistic. A high-intensity, action roller coaster. But it was also a playable CNN. It's something you can't imagine what modern gaming will be without, it" shares the Infinity Ward 2016 Call of Duty team.

Call of Duty transports the player to a war zone unlike any other video game, explains Taylor Kurosaki, Narrative Director for Infinity Ward. For 2016's Call of Duty. Infinity is "taking risks, innovating", and there's "a new level of storytelling coming to this franchises," explains the team. "I want the player to feel what it means to be a leader. A leader of men, a leader of soldiers in warfare and make tough decisions and live with those decisions." One of Infinity's main focuses is to create characters so real that the player could relate to them instinctively.

With every new Call of Duty game fans get outlandish promises, Infinity Ward leaves us with this expectation: "Wow, I haven't seen COD change so much since Modern Warfare." But will it outshine a remastered Call of Duty 4?

At 3.39 you'll notice the SATO logo on the left monitor, SATO also appears in the two teasers Activision released yesterday. All will be revealed today on Call of Duty Twitch at 10:30AM PDT.

Do you think a futuristic Call of Duty game will be able to deliver what fans want from the franchise?


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"I haven't seen COD change so much since Modern Warfare"

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