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The MWEB GameZone team welcomes Cape Town's first rAge Expo

rAge Cape Town.jpg

If you spot any of the individuals in the above image, then give them a slap on the back (or the bum as Bradley prefers), and exchange a few pleasantries. Yes, the GameZone boys (except our fragile flower), are all escaping to Grand West Casino and leaving the woman behind to continue working. I shall have my revenge though ...

Here's a 'lil something on each of them you probably didn't know.

The MWEB GameZone Boys

Desmond "bosbvok" Kurz: The team calls him Darth Kurz, but he's always had a secret wish to be called Desmond Yoda. You may or may not see him at rAge as Vader's movements are as always, a secret. His game of choice is Star Wars The Old Republic since it's where he can play out his fantasy of being a Star Wars character. Desmond is our secret weapon, our boss, friend ... our father ;).

Greet him with "May the Force always be with you" if you are lucky enough to spot him at rAge.

Brad "Shotgun" Schmoe: "I am the guy with the bald head that has a sexy bum," he tells me after I said we'll be running this article. He has a fascination with muscle cars (even drives a sexy orange beast (Nissan 350Z) someone made for him), he was a rocker with breathtaking long black hair and played in a band. He can be a gunman IRL if he wants, but I can't say more about that. Believe it people. He is also a World of Warcraft junkie in remission, he is MWEB GameZone's daddy (or mommy), and is currently running the whole show behind the scenes.

Give that bum a slap if you see him wandering around at rAge Cape Town.

Ryno "Sonz" Warwick: Sonz is an active World of Warcraft junkie. Has a holy fear to write articles, but found his Robin in Zombie_Dredd - since the partnership you've read stellar tech pieces here on GameZone. He is The Man who runs all MWEB's gaming servers, manages the admins, and stays awake at night so he can answer your Facebook complaints about said admins & servers. He has an OCD when it comes to that Facebook message icon staying green.

When you bump into him, bow, and chant; I thank thee oh server overlord.

Nick "Holden" Holden: Who makes his nickname the same thing as his surname? Be that as it may, you'll find Holden at the ASTRO Gaming Cup. He is shoutcasting the event, as well as running it with partner, Zombie_Dredd. Holden is our resident Xbox guru, but he secretly has a thing for the PlayStation 4. He scares easily, especially while playing Zombie-type games.

When you see this guy, do a brofist cause he really is the man - the man running not only GameZone's tournaments but too many other things to mention.

Clint "Zombie_dredd" O'Shea: He needs no introduction 'cause if you're a gamer then you've heard of him. If you haven't, rectify it immediately - you'll find him with Holden at the ASTRO Gaming Cup. Zombz is our darling, the favourite of South African gaming, the man you can always depend on, and so on and so forth. He is also kinda shy and wishes he can elope with his wife to live out his dream of being, a Zombie. He is also the third eldest member of the team and will game till the day old age calls it.

Give him a hug, pinch him in the side and plant a kiss on his cheek.

That's it from Fragile Flower and me. We'll continue working so those who aren't attending rAge Cape Town can have some gaming news to read. If you are at rAge, then remember to check "Your go-to article."

PS. Team, I could've posted incriminating photos of each of you in this article.

Han: Twitter / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

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