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Valve approves fan-made Half-Life sequel, play it in February

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I am playing a Half-Life game in a few weeks. Be still my beating heart. Prospekt is a fan-made Half-Life game - approved by Valve. The last Half-Life game I played was Black Mesa, also fan-made, and it was f3#ck1ng brilliant (check out the review, Black Mesa - The Perfect Game.) Prospekt continues the story of Half-Life: Opposing Force (developed by Gearbox) - an expansion about a soldier sent to Black Mesa to murder Gordon Freeman.

"Freeman is cornered and being overrun by soldiers in the Nova Prospekt prison; the player controls US Marine Adrian Shepherd - the unsung hero - as he’s teleported in by Freeman’s Vortigaunt allies to help fight back," reads the official Prospekt game description.

What I love about Prospek without even having played the game (yes, so did pre-purchase already), is the authentic Half-Life look.

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Looks familiar, right? Unlike Black Mesa that took eight years and a whole bunch of people to develop, Prospekt took only eighteen months and had one mad fan doing everything. At least, he had approved Half-Life assets and the Source engine ;). His name is Richard Seabrook, and you owe him R98.10. That's how much it'll cost you to play the game next month.

So what can fans expect from Prospekt? It is about the same length as Half-Life 2: Episode One, so that makes it between five-seven hours. You'll have 13 new levels featuring fully-scripted puzzles and action sequences to work through. According to Seabrook, he made "substantial graphical updates over the original game." The improvements include things like "high resolution combine soldier skins, over 20 new particle effects" and "new AI improvements," to name but a few. And then there is his promise that Prospekt was "carefully integrated into the Half-Life 2 story."

Play it. That's all there is to it. How else are you going to scratch that Half-Life 3 itch? Find Prospekt on Steam here, the 10% discount is valid until February 11.

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